phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s been a long while—longer than usual—since a woman made you cum. Jerking-off is your favorite hobby, one that you’ve perfected after many years of diligent practice. But going it alone has its limitations.

The loneliness has gotten to you, but at the same time, you don’t have the energy to start dating again. Between the expense and creative planning that’s involved in the courting process, to always needing to put her pleasure first, to the disappointment that comes from a woman who only very rarely and reluctantly wants to give head, it’s exhausting!

With all this being the case, you began your search for a phone sex date. It started with Google and culminated with a phone call. The indicator on the girl’s page said she’s Available. An older sounding voice answered and asked you who you’re looking to speak with. You called a direct line… or so you thought, yet somehow it was another dispatch service that just pairs you with whatever “voice” is actually available at that moment.

With your hopes already dwindling, you agreed to speak with someone you didn’t dial. “Thanks honey. You’ll get a call from her in 10 minutes or less.” 20 minutes later your phone finally rang with a voice that sounds like one of your mother’s friends on the other end. Your left hand turns you on more than the smoking, truck- stop sounding Grandma Operator, but you were too invested not to let her try. Within seconds you were done, not because she was great but because you just needed to be finished!

Feeling completely unfulfilled, you tried another girl the following night. This time a PSO answered the line. Her voice sounded younger so you gave her a whirl. Her site states that she specializes in everything, from domination to submission, no fetish or desire is unwelcome. She’s seen it all. In other words, she specializes in nothing whatsoever; she’s just desperate for callers.

The first call was encouraging. You have had fantasies in your mind for days, and she was a willing ear to listen to you touch your cock as you shared them. You left the call feeling like she might be someone you can turn to again. And you did.

On the second call, however, you didn’t come as prepared with fantasies abundantly swirling through your mind; rather this time, you looked to her for creative stimulation. She seemed up to the task as she recited what appeared to be disingenuous practiced lines. It wasn’t great, but it was just enough for you, coupled with your own imagination, to get the job done. Maybe the third time is the charm…

On call #3, however, it was more of the same phony lines, identical fake giggle, same images, and the exact same inauthentic voice intonations. You’ve exhausted her talents, and now it’s all on you to make yourself cum. By now you know that she’s just another phone sex operator. You could pay for yet another call with her, but it’ll be about as thrilling as geometry.

Then you meet me. You see that No Man Calls Only Once and are enticed, and perhaps even a little bit nervous. What Pandora’s box of addiction might you be opening if you called me?

My tits are beautiful and succulent. You find all the references to how hot my voice is throughout my site; I’m just daring you to hear it for yourself. Daring you to indulge and reward yourself. And you finally take the plunge. There’s no audition period. After one call, there’s no question about whether I’m good enough. The only question you have is what my schedule is, and when am I available for our next call.

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m the best phone sex provider on the planet. Not just because I possess the hottest voice in the industry, but also because my competition is ahem…far less enchanting (3 polite words for the unabashed truth, which is only 1 word: “shit”).

They’re not thoughtful. They don’t study you. They’re not passionate about you. I am. And that’s why I have the lady balls to state the truth…

No Man Calls Only Once.

Stop wasting money.

Take the dare.

I promise you will feel good.

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