private phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s the middle of the night and you’re lying on your stomach, when you feel your wrist buzzing. It takes a few seconds of vibration before your smart watch finally wakes you up. You slowly come to your senses and gaze at your watch. It’s a text that reads “I’m at your front door.” Your whole body freezes as you become conscious of the blood flowing into your head (both of them). The wife is breathing like she’s asleep. Her nightly carbohydrate fix knocked her out. You slowly emerge from your bed. You stand still for a moment trying to get your bearings. Your wrist buzzes again. “Well?”

You grab your phone from the nightstand and reply “Don’t ring the doorbell! I’m coming down.”  I’d never think of outing you, but I understand your fear and that it makes you feel better to say it.

You come downstairs and peer through the peephole of your front door. I’m standing there smiling back at you. When the door opens I attack you, throwing my arms around you, embracing you tightly as our lips meet. There, in the doorway, in the middle of the night we make out passionately. It seems like forever before you eventually pull back and stare into my eyes.

“You scared me half to death, Ashlee.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I just needed to see you.” I smile as I talk. “I needed to, um, make you cum.” My hand slips down to your crotch, massaging your growing bulge through your flimsy pajama bottoms.

“Ashlee, my wife—” but I’m not hearing you. I push you backwards into the house and close the door behind us. I grab you by your undershirt and turn you towards the door. You’re stunned, totally unsure as to what is going on when I passionately kiss you again. I push you into the door until your head is pressed up against it. You’re about to exclaim your concern aloud when you see my eyes open wide and you can feel my hand reach beneath the elastic waistband of your pants. When my fingers surround your shaft, you let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

My lips meet yours again to silence you. My hand’s grip strengthens around your cock as I stroke it slowly. The intensity of the moment, the knowledge that your secret is safe with me, quickly brings you one shudder away from an explosion as the blood is coursing through your body. I pull away from your face to lock eyes with yours. My jerking speeds up, your head arches back, “Holy shit, Ashlee, I’m going to cum. Holy shit! Holy shit! Ho-uh-ly…ahhhh!!!!” you moan as a beautiful, long stream of white glaze comes soaring out of your cock.

I stand there silently to let you take in what just happened. When your blood-flow normalizes again I greet you with a smile. “Sweet dreams, baby.” I plant one last kiss on your neck and slink out like a cat-burglar in the night.

I’d love to relive the aforementioned with you.

In fact, isn’t your wife asleep right now!?

There’s no better feeling than a spontaneous combustion with Yours Truly!

Stop resisting.

You deserve me.

It’s time to call.

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