Are you feeling a bit lonely as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching? I know the feeling, babe. I am capable of having any man fall for me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend this day (which is also my b-day) alone sometimes. Many times through the years I spend it with my single girlfriends toasting to our freedom. However, this year most all of my single friends are either no longer single or they have dates. I’m really hoping you and I can spend it together this year.

I got to thinking about what the best possible scenario would be for us. I know that you are head over heels in love with my tits. They are big; they are voluptuous; they look good in anything I wear; they bounce a lot; they enter a room a good full second before I do; they attract every eye in the vicinity. Ever since I was a young teen both boys and grown men ogle them until I make eye contact. I know how powerful they are, and I know what they do to you. Thank you for that. But what I also love about you (among other things) is that you are hot for me for more than just how succulent my melons are. Lots of girls have amazing tits though (albeit still not quite as perfect as a mine). But my breasts take attention away from everything else at first. You, however, see past them. My voice is hotter than my tits. I’ve proven this to myself repeatedly. This Valentine’s Day I want to show you that my ass is equally powerful.

I imagine waking up the morning of the 14th and seeing a text from you to greet me: “I need you Ashlee. I need all of you. I can’t wait to be with you tonight.” We made plans a little while ago, and the excitement of spending Lover’s Day with you grows as it gets closer. I come to the door in a sexy outfit, a dress that gives you the cleavage that you crave so much, but also a flimsy bottom that can’t stand up to the wind. As we walk to the car, you let me get ahead of you so that you can drink me in from behind. You love what you see and I know it, even though I can’t see the look on your face. It’s almost like I can hear the engine in your balls grinding and churning the sweet cum that I will eventually extract from you.

We go to a very fancy restaurant that you had to bribe someone in advance in order to score a reservation (thank you, my darling). When we arrive our table is not quite ready, so we elect to have a glass of wine in the lounge as we wait to be seated. Just as the wine is put in front of us, we toast to us. Noticing that you’re a little nervous, I reach for your hand and place it on my hip, forcing myself closer to you. This relaxes you. After you down your glass, I ask “Are you thinking about dessert?”

“We haven’t even ordered appetizers yet!” But then you realize I was not at all talking about food. I turn around to survey the restaurant, hoping that our table might be available now. With my back to you, I press my ass into your crotch and keep it there. I feel your crotch growing and hardening like cement. I respond by grinding backwards into you. “Do you know what you’re doing to me Ashlee?” Yes. I absolutely know what I’m doing to you. “Ashlee, your ass is, um, it’s—”

“It’s what?”

“It’s making me want to skip dinner.” With my back still to you I reach my hand down behind me and grab hold of your hard cock. You put your hands on my shoulders and kiss my neck. “Let’s go home,” I suggest.

You speed through two red lights on our way back to your place. When we arrive, I insist that you let me give your ass some attention before you can do anything to mine. You’ll deny me nothing, especially now. I strip you naked, and ask you to lie down on the bed on your belly with your legs spread far apart. I sit on my knees behind you and start massaging your upper thighs, eventually making my way to your ass cheeks. I lighten the massage to a rub and for several minutes I pleasure you with the sensation of my hands on your bottom. You moan just loud enough to cause me to grin and squeeze a little harder. With both of my thumbs I press open your cheeks, exposing your asshole. My thumbs continue their path inward until they are both about a half of an inch inside you. I move my fingers gently in circular motion as I massage the tight muscles, up and down, up and down. You begin to squirm, at which point I know what you crave without your needing to tell me. I suck my index finger for a moment, and then slide it into you slowly, pushing in and out for the longest 60 seconds of your life. “Fuck, Ashlee!” You say almost breathlessly. To think, I might make you cum without even touching your cock. “I can’t take it anymore.”

“You don’t have to my love.” I give your cheek a loud slap and then jump onto the bed next to you, lying on my tummy. Your cock is pulsing at such a frenzied pace that you are unable to form a single word. It’s my turn to be pleasured. You line yourself up behind me, lift me up a few inches by grabbing my hips, and insert your erection into me. I’m not sure which of us moaned louder as you begin to thrust. You don’t have the will power to make it last as you explode inside me within a matter of seconds, then collapse next to me. I curl up to your side, taking in your afterglow.

I sweetly kiss your face as you place your hand upon my ass and softly whisper to me “sometimes dessert has to cum first”.

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