With summer coming to an end, one of the disappointing things the cold weather brings is more clothes. Girls will put away their cleavage in favor of warmer tops and sweaters. Fleshy thighs will no longer be exposed as denim will be hiding them from your curious eyes. Just a short time from now, much of your eye candy will be going into hibernation until spring. It’s a despairing situation indeed. I know you didn’t ask me, but I have two unsolicited pieces of advice for how you should handle this dilemma.

To begin with, warm weather is still here for a couple more weeks. Not every girl will proudly display her breasts, but the most voluptuous girls will. The younger girls who are just discovering how addictive their legs are, will strut them in short, tight skirts until it becomes explicitly slutty to do so. My advice is that you take them in and commit them to memory. Take nice, long, lasting looks; even wink your eye as if you are taking a picture to store in your “spank bank” for the days when the cold winds blow and the snow begins to fly. Girls showing off their bodies want you to look. As long as you’re not threatening or obnoxious, a respectful stare is welcome, even a smile. Some of us are flattered by it and I’d be disappointed if I didn’t turn you on. Never pretend you’re not male; let your cock twitch and get hard. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the road if you happen to drive past me as I’m walking briskly down the sidewalk.

Secondly, recognize the situation for what it is and adapt accordingly. You’re going to be indoors a lot more than you’re used to. There will be less scenery around town and more time alone. Your brain knows that, but your cock is clueless. All “Mr. Happy” knows is that he needs both stimulation and satisfaction. You need to feed his craving for pussy. Build a cozy fire, put your feet up, and chill in your favorite chair reminiscing about the seductive beauties from the park or the street side cafe, then turn to me, babe. Pull Mr. Happy from your pants, then let my alluring voice stimulate you as much as my breasts do when your sliding your oiled cock between them. The memory of an 18 year old buxom blonde might ignite your balls, but she’s off to school and has left you behind until next summer. Your recollections of her pale in comparison to the sounds of desire that escape my mouth as I’m fingering my ripe, wanting pussy.

I can be your shelter from the storm and my bites are much more enticing than Jack Frost’s. So don’t despair, you have to say so long to summer time, but dialing my digits allows you an opportunity to say hello me… your only desire.

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