phone sex is best with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544You’re sitting at your desk multi-tasking. There’s a conference call going on in your ear, eyes reading an email, pen in hand jotting down notes. This is your day, every day Monday through Friday, and sometimes on weekends. You have meetings, annual reviews with your manager, anonymous employee surveys, and a 401k plan. You are a soldier marching for corporate America.

One evening, after a long hard day consisting of hours upon hours, each of which could’ve been shortened to a 3 paragraph email, you are home with no energy remaining to do anything that requires any work or effort. You finish dinner and check your work email one more time just to reiterate how hard tomorrow will be. You care about doing your job well, and you believe that’s part of why you’ve ascended as far as you have in your career (I can relate).

You and I have as strong a relationship as we do because we both adhere to a similar system of values. When you prove yourself to be good at what you do, you’re rewarded.

From rank and file to middle management to executive level, people move up the ladder largely on the basis of merit. And in turn, you reward others in kind, as well. You’ve rewarded me in kind. I was not the first phone sex girl you called. You tried others and the amount of time you spent with each of them was in direct correspondence with how good she was at getting you off.

You work hard for your money, so when you hire someone to give you a dose of female attention, and ultimately make you cum, you treat her as her performance warrants.

If she has an older, truck-stop sounding voice or requires all stimulation to come from your imagination, then she’s not much more than a glorified receptacle. You’d fuck a girl who was just lying/laying there, legs splayed open, but when you want executive treatment, you need more. You found that in me (and then some wink*).

It’s not just that I make you cum—even an entry level 50-something might be able to do that if you arrive horny enough—it’s how excited I make you feel on the journey. You enjoy hearing me answer the phone and the thrill of knowing our time together is now under way. Engaging in flirtatious banter with me alone brings its own fulfillment for you.

The first time you hear me refer to your cock as “mine” your pleasure sensors come to life as your cock springs to full attention. Your hand morphs into a machine you cannot control as it grips that powerful muscle between your legs. The purple head is gleaming, with pre-cum oozing out. I bring you to a place where you can’t go on your own, like a pass to the C-suite lounge on the floor you’ve never been on before.

Simply put, you call me because you recognize that I am the best phone sex provider you’ve ever had. I am the industry’s top CEO, with my succulent tits on the cover of Forbes, and my voice permanently living in your mind.

Take your pants off, babe.

I think it’s time for us to schedule another 1-on-1 and discuss your performance in greater detail.

This is going to be an evaluation like no other.

I look forward to sizing you up!

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