It’s morning. I wake up first and feel your semi hard cock resting snugly between my thighs. Last night was wonderful. You are wonderful. I love us.

I rub my legs together ever so gently. I’m trying to see if I can get you fully erect before you wake up. My movements work, as your cock comes to life. I’m about to roll over to nudge you awake when I feel your hand creep around me and cup my tits. You kiss the back of my neck as you press your erection forward.

We spend the next 20 minutes or so passionately fucking our brains out, then collapse and go back to sleep. This is our life together. This is how we start most days.

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if you won the lottery. I imagine you buying your own island off the Florida Keys or some other tropical place. It would be our island. We’d visit the mainland to go out to dinner, go dancing, or shopping. But when we get home, the clothes come off and almost every room has a couch or big comfy chair in it to facilitate our naughty interludes.

At night you build a fire on the beach. We clink wine glasses and toast to our life as we listen to the night sounds. I ask you to go fetch more wood and build the fire up huge, like a small bonfire. When you return with the logs I’m lying face down on a beach blanket. I’m kicking my legs back and forth in anticipation. You toss the wood to the ground. “Ashlee, I need you right now.”

“Hang on, baby. First you have a fire to tend to.” You plead with me, insisting the fire in your cock was burning hot enough. “I’m not hearing it though”, I reply. To work you go. I lay on my belly as I watch you at work. Not sixty seconds later, I hear a whoosh sound. A huge flame leaps up as the fire comes to life.

“You cheated,” I say as I point to the bottle of lighter fluid in your hand. But you’re not listening. In a flash you’re upon me.

I feel you spread my legs apart and then your cock penetrates me as you let out a moan that could wake the neighbors on the next island. Your hands grab my hips as you lift and pull me back towards you. You don’t last long and soon your body convulses as you empty your balls into me.

You roll me over, yank my thighs apart and bury your entire face between my legs. You tease my clit mercilessly as you flick it with your tongue. I thrust myself against your face as tightly as I can. You continue tongue fucking me so hard that I start to scream as the ecstasy of my orgasm rushes through my body. “OMG, I love being your island girl!”

Call me, babe. Let’s have sex on the beach.

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