Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544The alarm sounds, obnoxiously announcing the arrival of another Monday morning. You rub the sleep from your eyes before heading to the bathroom. You hop into the shower and immediately your imagination starts to turn towards me. As you’re lathering up your delicious man parts you instantly become erect as you fantasize about me standing behind you beneath the shower head as the warm water cascades onto our humid bodies.

I hug you tight, resting my face against your back. One of my hands wraps around your cock while the other finds your balls and gently embraces them like a possession of mine. I begin pumping your cock steadily as I move my hand from your balls to grab the wet bar of soap, and glide it firmly down the crack of your ass. You moan as I begin to slink my fingers in, and reach up (way up) to massage your prostate. With all this stimulation to your ass, balls and engorged cock, you can’t hold out very long, and spray the shower tiles with your first load of the day.

After your fantasy concludes in spectacular fashion, you dry off, get dressed and head to the kitchen. You sit down to eat, reading the headlines online. Two sentences into an article and you’re already bored, so you begin typing “y-o” when the rest of my website auto fills the URL line.

You cast a vote for me (thank you, babe – it’s always appreciated) and then you pull up my latest blog entry. You always enjoy seeing your comments published here on my blog or on my guest book page. It is confirmation that I’ve absorbed your thoughts and sentiments toward me. The weekly pictures I post are always what catch your eye first, but it’s what I say, week in and week out, in my writing, that confirms how well I know you and understand how the male brain and libido work. I’ve mastered exactly                                                                             how to push your sexual buttons and indulging in my website is starting to get you hard again!

You peruse a few more of my previous blog entries and corresponding photos as your coffee and toast get cold, but who cares. The bulge in your pants is dictating (pun intended) what you need right now. After about 20 minutes of rereading my blogs and revisiting my photos page, you admit to yourself that once upon a time you thought you could quit calling me at any given time, but you were obviously only kidding yourself.

I forewarned you that No Man Calls Only Once, and that’s what first enticed you. You just didn’t think I’d take hold of you the way I said I could. It’s not that you can’t stop doing phone sex calls with me as much as you genuinely don’t want to stop.

You look at the clock and realize that you’re going to be late for work if you take too much longer online. And then a thought occurs to you, and you tear open your briefcase and pull out your calendar. Your first meeting isn’t until late morning. You shoot me an email with nothing in the body of it, just a subject line that reads “Can I call you right now?”

A few minutes pass, as you sit on your couch tapping your feet anxiously, as if you could cheer on time to move faster. After refreshing your email several times you finally just dial me. After two rings you hear my hot voice say “Hello” and it shoots a jolt through your ear, down your spine and straight through your hard cock. “I need you, Ashlee!  Like, now. I seriously need you to get me off!”

“I’m here, baby, and I’m going to make you cum gloriously!

Now take off those slacks and toss them on the floor where they belong.”

The next half hour we spend together is erotic bliss.

“Work will always be there, but this morning you had a craving and sating your cravings is what I do best.”

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