We continue last week’s episode with my just having arrived unannounced at your home. Your initial response is that of glee (and arousal) from seeing my luscious melons before you beneath my flimsy summer dress. Your second thought was the fear of getting caught by your wife, but I assured you that she will be gone for quite a while so it won’t be a problem.

“How can you be so sure Ashlee?”

I sit you down and walk you through the chain of events that led up to my visit. It started when your wife sought out phone sex for the same reasons you did: horniness and loneliness. Her path towards meeting me was also similar to yours. She was enchanted by the phrase “No man calls only once” correctly assuming it also applied to any woman as vulnerable as she was.

I got her to open up to me. I soothed her insecurities, satiated her lust and won her trust. She let her guard down in a big way. I pounced on the opportunity and thus began fostering the beginning of her dangerously strong addiction to me. You sat in awe of my story, feeling dumbfounded trying to process my having cultivated such a relationship with your wife that was flourishing right underneath your nose.

“Ashlee, darling, I don’t know if I should feel mad that she’s cheating on me or insulted that I have to share you with someone so utterly disenchanting. Why did you do this?” I can see that you are taken aback and worried. While this was not my goal, I saw it as a possibility, one that I am willing to live with. I find that it is necessary to shake you to the core once in a while. (Please accept this without complaint; thank you!)

“You shouldn’t be mad or jealous,” I assure you. “Well, maybe it’s okay to be a little jealous, but only a little. You are my priority, not her. I’m using her to grow closer to you.” From there I explain my plan. You’re going to surrender her to me, and I’m going to make her do certain things (one specific thing in particular). “What one thing?” you ask. However, I’m not ready to divulge the answer to that question yet.

We’re sitting on your couch. I unbutton the top of your shirt and push my soft hands inside, softly grazing my fingernails down your chest. My fingertips trace your chest until they find your nipple and then gently circle around it. You’re nipple is now protruding through your shirt; I plant several small wet kisses on your neck that each end with a dot of my tongue before pulling your ear lobe my wanting mouth. We go on like this, cuddling and kissing, whispering and confiding, for a good ten minutes. I have you under my spell, and I haven’t even touched my cock (yet). You’d do anything for me. It’s time for anything!

Just then your front door opens and in walks your wife! You’re stunned by how different she looks. “Like what you see?” I ask. I’ve got her donning a hooker’s wardrobe, including knee high latex boots and slutty makeup. I stand beside her and rip off her sheer blouse to expose her tits that are bursting out of a black lace bra. Only now, her tits are so much bigger! “That’s where she’s been my love,” I tell you. I explain the injections that I arranged for. She spent all morning being prodded with the latest and most advanced medical technology that your savings could afford. Now she has these amazing tits that look almost as flawless as mine; (the operative word here is almost!!)

“Babe,” I start, “I’ve decided to pimp your wife out. You no longer need to pay me. She will.” You’re in a state of shock and can’t comprehend everything I’m saying. I see this and try to console you. “Don’t worry baby,” I continue, “It will all make sense in time.” I sit down beside you and pat you on the head. You take a deep breath as I place a finger underneath your chin and direct your attention to your wife and her new tits that are standing directly before us.

You can see in her eyes that’s she’s all in. It’s not that she really digs what’s been done to her, or what she’s going to be made to do; rather, it’s that she’s accepted it without protest. I start kissing your neck again and quietly whisper so that only you can hear me, “Babe, you’re going to be her first customer. I want you to buy me a $100 gift card off my wish list. For this I will allow you to be the first of many men to suck on her new tits.”

True to my promise, I do allow you to suck on your wife’s new bodacious breasts. They’re beautifully round and her nipples are fully erect. You enjoy feeling your wife’s hands cradle the back of your head as you suckle her with newfound fervor.

After only 5 minutes, I tell you that you’ve done enough sucking for now, but you eagerly purchase two more sessions with her from me. When you try to buy a 4th session, I rebuff your offer; kiss you once again and murmur passionately, “Sorry my love, but she needs to get going. “Her first John is waiting.”

To be continued…

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