I know you love it when I exercise my creativity, from sharing personal tidbits about myself, to tapping into newfound triggers, to finding fresh ways to excite you in between our encounters. I always seem to detect a different kind of vigor in your erection when you realize that I’m about to serve to you a unique piece of my mind’s meandering.

With this in mind, I allowed myself the indulgence of absolutely no boundaries when my head hit the pillow last night. My mission was to dream up a brand new fantasy that would get you off with unprecedented magnitude. After a little tossing and turning, the light bulb finally went on. I fell into a deep and peaceful slumber within minutes after having this revelation.

I bring to you this fantasy knowing that you and I could actually make it happen if we wanted to but also knowing that the probability of you embracing it (in real time anyway) is not likely. The danger of my willingness versus the protection of your reluctance makes for an incredible climax though!

Your own quest began with seeing phone sex ads in adult magazines. The novelty was enough to make you cum hard the first few times. After a while though, you wanted more than a boring formulated phone sex call. That brought you to the internet, and your search for the best phone sex brought you here to me! Over time your tastes have evolved into needs, and from needs into pure cravings (cravings that only I can fully satisfy).

With some similarities, this fantasy is the tale of your wife’s erotic journey to finding me and her eventual sexual reawakening (thanks to yours truly).

She was home alone and in the mood to be sexed up. She wasn’t feeling young and attractive anymore; her self-esteem was all but gone. Like any other vulnerable person in this situation, she looked to the internet to feed her arousal. However, the contrived free porn she found fell short. She needed someone just as you did when you found me. This is how her state of mind and spirits were when she stumbled upon my site. I immediately saw her vulnerability as a golden opportunity for me.

Fast forward a few weeks to the present. I’ve been getting your wife off over the phone almost daily. She’s past the point of wanting me. When you and I first met, I knew that I wanted to get to know you better right away. And to this day, I’m very happy that we have cultivated such an amazing relationship that we both appreciate and cherish.
I’m not seeking intimacy and companionship with your wife. I’m working my absolute hardest to ensure her addiction to me so that I can control her, even more than I do you. After more than a dozen calls, I have her at my beck and call. She’s doing things for me that I still haven’t asked you to do yet. I care for you babe, sincerely and intensely. I don’t care about her! I’m using her. It’s at this point that our fantasy really takes off.

You’re home alone when the doorbell rings. Your grin is a mile wide when you see that it’s me at the door, clad in a sexy summer dress that really shows off my tan and silky thighs. “Hello babe!” I greet you. “Don’t worry,” I insist. “Your wife won’t be home for a quite a while.”

“What? How do you know that?”

I put the palm of my hand against your chest and gently push you backwards through the doorway into your living room. “I know because I made sure of it.” Just as you are taking my reply in, I reach down to your crotch and grab a hold of my cock through the thin fabric of your gym shorts. My lips meet yours as I use my free hand to gingerly grab the back of your head to control our kiss. “I’m going to completely blow your mind tonight, my love.” Our eyes lock as you see that I mean it. “Tonight won’t be just another ejaculation.”

To be continued…

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