You’re still trying to process the fact that your wife is going to scurry off into the night to bed a complete stranger. The notion of this is disconcerting to you and the look on your face definitely shows how humiliated you are feeling. It was one thing for you to see that your wife had fallen for me. It was humbling that I made you pay me for the chance to be sexual with her. To be told, however, that I was sending her out to sell her newly transformed body, well, that was a line you just were not ready to cross.

I can see that you’re trying to find the nerve to protest this situation. We’ll absolutely be having none of that, I quip! I’m not manipulating her for the purpose of making you feel anguish. I’m doing it because I want you to show me how far you will go for me. “Besides,” I tell you, “it’s more complicated than that. You’ll see.”

But you didn’t want to wait to see. The thought of your wife being sold to the highest bidder was excruciating. “Babe, we simply can’t argue about this. She’s already committed to doing this. Tonight’s assignment is for her to have at least two different men cum inside of her and it’s already getting late.” With that, I give your wife a hard slap on her ass. She jumps at the command and scampers to put her bra and blouse back on. She plants a kiss on your cheek and says goodbye, then turns to me and does the same before leaving.

The idea of men ejaculating inside of your wife is hard for you to accept. Seeing that you are still pouting, I offer some words of enlightenment. “Babe, I’d like for you to look on the bright side. This is making me very happy. Those words bear repeating: this is making me very happy.”

“However, you can stop this right now if you wish. I’ll text her to come home immediately. You should know though, that if you chose to exercise this option, it will mean canceling her breast augmenting shots for tomorrow. In addition, I will also cancel her upcoming procedures for lip injections and further body enhancements.” You and your cock perk up a little because you know that there’s still more to come (quite literally).

I continue enumerating what’s at stake if you decide that you’re not onboard with sacrificing your wife for my personal gain. I look at you and begin massaging your cock through your pants, “It will also mean that I can no longer touch your cock the way you need me to.” After this declaration, I yank my hand away from your cock. You are silent and powerless in my presence.

I look at you reassuringly and reiterate “Babe, I own that erection. Take my cock out.” You hesitate and then murmur, “Ashlee, I’m afraid.” I squeeze your hand and say, “I know you are, babe. You’re afraid that after all the maneuvering I’ve done without even having your cock in my mouth, between my tits, or in my pussy, that once you are completely under my spell, you’ll even sign over your house to me.” I silently say to myself, little do you know mister, I want something way more significant than that!

I ignore your apprehension and begin pulling down your pants. When they’re at your knees, I moisten your cock (which is sooo obviously still mine) with my tongue and proceed to jerk it slowly with my hand. I’m saving my more ambitious moves for a bit later, as I do not want you climaxing just yet. I know that when I have you fully erect, you are moved with emotion and brimming with affection for me. It’s in these instances that I feel most fulfilled and closest to you. My gut tells me that it’s time now!

“Baby, there’s something else that I want from you. I know it may seem a bit shocking.” You’re immobilized awaiting my next proclamation. At this point, your mind is swirling with a bit of fright, but your cock is reeling in the throes of sexual delight. It might be a bit of a dilemma for some, but the power I wield over you and your cock is just too encompassing for you to resist. And so, I begin to work my magic once again.

My fingers begin to work the swelling head of your cock, and any contemplation that may have been lingering has now vanished. As I work the underbelly of your penis I cradle your full balls in my other hand. Within seconds, a small fountain of pre-cum begins oozing from the tip of your glorious cock. In this moment, you’ll do absolutely anything for me. “Sweetheart, I want you to impregnate me.” You’re dead silent. You never saw this coming (no pun intended).

Before you can find any words, I press my lips to yours. We have the most intense make out session of your life. As we continue kissing with unbridled passion, I crawl onto your lap and grab your ass beneath me. I pull back so that we can stare into each other’s eyes. I see my answer.

A moment later, you push your raging cock deep inside of my wanting pussy. My body is arched and the initial penetration from your juicy, thick cock sends me straight to the brink of orgasm! I place your hands on my hips to allow you to control my every movement. Your eyes roll back in your head; you let out an involuntary moan as we explode into ecstasy together.

I fall forward, leaning against you. I plant several sweet kisses on your neck and lay my head on your shoulder. With my arms still wrapped around your neck, you softly utter “I love you Ashlee.”

“Yes, I know you do, my baby.”

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