Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544When you enter the room, you’re taken aback by the setting. You expected a museum-like cleanliness with white walls, a room with ocean waves emanating from a CD player, and perhaps the scent of essential oils wafting through the air.

Instead you see a comfortable, fluffy queen size bed, and a massage table. The radio is playing soft rock. You came here for a massage, and while you fantasized about the masseuse arousing you and then jerking you off, you didn’t actually expect it.

The reputation of the massage studio seemed legit. So much so that when you called to schedule an appointment, a man answered and even asked if you wanted to be with a man or woman. Now, knowing a bed is going to be your body’s platform, you were getting your hopes up.

You could feel your cock twitching in your pants when the hostess, who was very pretty, with dishwater blonde hair and shapely tits, walked in and announced, “Ashlee will be with you in a few minutes. Why don’t you take off your clothes and get comfortable?” She then walked out.

Your cock twitched again when your brain digested her words “take off your clothes” and stayed at attention as you saw her tight ass slowly leave the room. Part of you was disappointed, as you wanted so much for this girl to be the person touching you. Another part of you was excited over getting naked for a girl named Ashlee. How could she not be hot?

You strip down to your underpants and sit atop the massage table waiting for me. I come into the room singing to myself, announcing my jovial mood. My tits enter the room first, followed by the rest of me a moment later. I let you take in my bouncing breasts, as I am braless. My flat stomach and hourglass hips were rocking, stiffening the bulge in your crotch.

We make eye contact. “Hi, babe. I’m Ashlee. I know I’ve made you hard by your uncontrollable staring.” You respond with an eager nod. I toss you a towel to cover yourself. “Lay down on your belly. I’m going to start on your backside.” Your hard cock initially resists the table, but eventually it finds comfort from your body’s weight pressing into it.

I peel back the towel and rub your back with oil. My cold hands feel heavenly against your warm flesh. With your eyes closed, you imagine what being inside me would feel like. Thoughts of me race through your mind, one fantasy after the next. When you feel me spread my legs and sit on top of your ass, you moan aloud involuntarily. “Oh,” I start, “Are you enjoying our session so far?”

“I love it, Ashlee,” you say as you open your eyes and turn towards me to see my face. The look in my eyes tells you we’re on the same page, but I’m enjoying teasing you.

“Well, good. What part of your body do you need me to rub with oil next?” You laugh and look at me, hoping for a flirtatious smirk. Instead my face is neutral, not explicitly confirming for you that I’m going to make you cum.

I’m going to make you be the one to cross the line. With our eyes locked you say, “Will you please massage my cock, Ashlee?” You’re momentarily nervous. You are confident that my teasing was a means to get you horny so I can eventually make a hand job happen, but you also know that if everything was just in your head, this request could have bad results.

I maintain a straight face as I lay my hand on your ass cheek. “Oh you would like that, would you?” I ask as my fingers spread out and reach into the crevice of your ass crack. My middle finger is oiled up when it crawls forcibly into your asshole.

“Oh God!” you scream with pleasure. I feel your asshole muscles tighten around my finger as the lubrication allows me to slide in and out of you with ease.

“Do you want me to stop?” I purr. “I mean, I think you said you wanted me to rub something else instead of what I’m doing to you.”

“No, Ashlee,” you moan. And you beg, “Please don’t stop! I want you to do whatever you want to me.”

“Good boy.” I reward you with a little squeeze on your balls.

To be continued…

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