phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544“Good boy.” I reward you with a squeeze of your balls. You let out a gentle moan, pleading for me to understand that the last thing you want is for me to remove my finger from your ass.

But as amazing as it feels having your ass penetrated, my other set of fingers are caressing your tight balls, which feels fucking fantastic, too!

The attention I’m bestowing upon you is both exhilarating and excruciating as you tense up trying to take it all in (quite literally).

Your cock morphs into a steel pipe, and you shimmy your torso so you can press it firmly against the table. I’m aware of what you’re doing, and I withdraw my finger from your asshole. You gasp, to which I respond, “Just a sec, babe. I’ll be inside you again in less than 30 seconds.

I quickly remove my top, revealing my succulent melons. They’re proudly bouncing a bit as I move about, and watching them momentarily distracts the numerous emotions that are coursing through your mind.

I wiggle out of my panties and toss them to the side. I look at you as I squeeze some warm oil between my tits, and allow you to stare as I oil them up. As I finish, I slap your ass hard to awaken you from the spell my breasts have put you under.

You wince as the burning sensation sets in from the imprint my hand has left. My knowing hands meander towards your ass cheeks once again, and I place one in each hand, spreading them wide, exposing your eager hole once more.

I kiss my middle finger and ram it back in as hard as I can, and I apply as much pressure as I can muster to the base of your balloon knot with the tip of my thumb. You’re writhing in both pleasure and pain as you scream “Oh fuck, Ashlee!!”

I’m quite amused at what I’m able to conjure in you and I celebrate my dominance by fucking your ass for the next several minutes. You collapse into the table halfway through, not even remotely trying to pretend you have any free will.

I’ve enslaved you by demonstrating what I can do for you; and you’ve embraced the fact that you need me just like you need air to breathe. I’m not a mere craving. I’m not simply your favorite phone sex operator. I, alone, embody the most phenomenally sublime source of sexual pleasure you will ever experience.

“What are you, babe?” You’re silent at first, not knowing if my question was rhetorical or not, and if it’s not, you don’t know what answer I want to hear. “You are mine, all mine” I say in a neutral tone.

“I am your property, Ashlee,” you repeat.

“Good boy,” I whisper into your ear before giving your sweaty forehead a peck. “Now roll over,” I say as I pull my fingers out from inside you. You do as you’re told. I grabbed the towel draped over you and tossed it onto the floor. “We will not need this.”

Your cock is standing up straighter than a skyscraper. I take a moment to savor the beautifully engorged mushroom-head as it pulsates feverishly. I drench your balls with oil and use both hands to cocoon them, massaging them until you squirm. Your pelvis thrusts upwards as you fuck the air with your erection.

You’re responding involuntarily to the sensations I’m sending to your heavy balls, and you’re also silently begging me to give your cock direct attention. When you absolutely can’t wait any longer, you finally beg aloud “Please, Ashlee!”

“Okay, babe, I’ll jerk your cock, but only for a few seconds.”  You immediately latch onto my offer like a drowning person accepting a life preserver. My fingers wrap around your shaft and squeeze. You scream my name as I continue to steadily stroke your cock. I spool up the oozing pre-cum and feed it to you with my fingertip.

My fingers trace the bottom of your cock head… when I stop altogether. The fear washing over your face confirms what I needed to know. Before you can plead with me to continue, I utter, “Babe, I’d like to propose a trade. I will jerk you until your cock spews gloriously if…”

“Anything, Ashlee,” you interrupt. “I’ll give you anything!!”  My hand attacks your shaft and beats it hard. My other hand gently squeezes the head.

“Oh, fuck!” you shout. The cum shoots out of you like a fire hose!  A second huge stream comes gushing out before the first one has even landed on your stomach. The third blast is only as big as it normally is when you masturbate alone. And the fourth swell lands on your balls as you pant for air.

“Anything?” I ask…

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