It’s another hot day! So hot that I’m already beginning to perspire and it’s barely 10:30 in the morning. I put on my orange string bikini and a sarong before heading down stairs to the kitchen. The cool tile floor feels good beneath my feet as I crack some ice cubes into a tall glass. I fill the glass full of lemonade and add a splash of raspberry flavored vodka (my drink of choice when starting a day of leisure) and head out back to enjoy a lazy day in my lounge chair.

I drag the chair over to the side yard under one of the fruit tree canopies so that I’m out of the line of sight from any neighbors and out of the direct sun. I pull free the ties to my bikini and lie down to read a celebrity tabloid magazine for a while before I fall asleep. I wake to the sound of the mower starting in my front yard. Startled, I sit up in a panic before remembering that the new neighbor had proposed a barter that I couldn’t turn down.

He offered to mow the lawn in exchange for my sharing all the ripened fruit around here with him. This suited me just fine as I hate picking up all the spoiled fruit that drops onto the lawn. Knowing I have a while before he gets around to the back side of the house where I am, I lie back down and succumb to a few tantalizing fantasies.

He’s new to the neighborhood and hot. He’s older than me by a good bit as well, which is just what I like. The few times I’ve seen him, I’ve felt mad sexual chemistry raging between us.

My hand slides down to my eager pussy and I gently begin to run my fingers over my clit in soft, circular motion. I imagine him spotting me back here in my birthday suit with beads of perspiration adorning my heated body. I visualize him walking away from the mower, longing to slide his long fingers inside my dewy pussy. The very notion of it makes my nipples tingle and tighten up. That’s when I hear the mower turn off and the gate on the other side of the house open.

I’ve got about thirty seconds to get my suit on, and that’s pushing it. Leave it off and be bold or scramble and look flustered are my choices. “Be bold,” I decide silently and try to act cavalier as I watch him come around the back of the house. He doesn’t pause or even look surprised that I’m naked. He just puts on a lazy smile and asks for a cold drink while his eyes roam my golden body.

“Sure thing, I respond with a puzzled grin.” I grab a towel and wrap it around me for the trek around the house. I can feel his eyes burning right through me as I walk away. I wonder if he’ll follow as I calmly resolve to not look back towards him. I’m dripping wet now from the heat of his gaze and the fantasies that are still stirring within me. I close the sliding door behind me as I step into the coolness of the kitchen. I reach for a glass, fill it with ice and quickly, with a naughty giggle, I decide to dip my finger into my velvety pussy and rub it around the rim of the glass before filling it with lemonade.

I head back out to give him his drink with a slight smirk on my face. I wonder if he can smell my arousal. I’m pretty certain he can. His eyes widen as he takes a big gulp of lemonade. I bite my bottom lip a little and start twisting my hair. He downs the rest of it all at once and then draws in a deep breath through his nose. I begin to tremble knowing that he must be able to smell my desire!

“More,” he commands as he hands me the empty glass.

“Yes, Sir,” I reply as I square my shoulders. I swear he just inhaled on a barely audible gasp. I wink and turn away and head back into the kitchen. He’s definitely reacting. I push two fingers inside of myself, swirling them around over and over. It helps to relieve the ache a little but doesn’t alleviate it completely. I lick my fingers as another naughty idea comes to mind. Opening the freezer, I grab some more ice cubes. Carefully inserting each one into my swollen pussy beforehand, I then drop them into his glass and pour the lemonade. I liberally coat the rim with more of my sweet juices as well. Then I remind myself to be bold before I loosen the tuck on my towel, letting it to fall open just enough to reveal a glimpse of my sun-kissed flesh.

I find him just outside the door on the patio. I’m almost certain that he watched what I just did. The ice rattles as I carry his glass out to him and suddenly I’m nervous! I lick my lips and look up at him; I can feel myself blush a little as I hand him his drink. He waits until I look up before he licks the rim and then takes a huge swig, ensuring he gets an ice cube into his mouth. My mouth goes dry and my knees go weak. I watch as he sets the glass down and steps into me. Unerringly his hand moves to my now dripping wet pussy and two of his fingers slip right inside causing me to moan out longingly. My head rolls back and my eyes close as he wraps his other arm around me. I feel his lips at my neck and he tauntingly chuckles as I whimper.

“You have an interesting way of garnishing lemonade, Ashlee.” He then grinds the heel of his large hand against my clit. His fingers pump hard and fast deeper and deeper into me as his teeth sink into my shoulder. I quiver and wrap my arms around his neck clinging to him for support. I feel him lift and carry me over to the sliding glass door. He presses my ass firmly against the smooth glass while I clutch my legs tightly around him, his fingers never stop. His other arm slides from my back to caress my breasts. He’s gentle at first but then he pinches hard and I almost cum right then!

I break free from his hold and march back into the house. “I’m going to make him give it to me on my terms!” I pull a stool over to support my body as I jockey for position against the cool counter top. There I am flaunting my gorgeous ass when he opens the door with frenzied desire. I arch my ass high into the air and quip, “You may fuck me now!”

He pulls his dick out and grabs my hips with all his might, pulls me back hard, and plunges his rigid cock straight into my slick pussy. Aching for the release that was so close just a minute ago, I can’t hold back any longer! A whine escapes my mouth as I slam back against his hard cock and ascend into a mind-blowing orgasm. He crashes into me with one last thrust and fills me just as I reached my peak of pleasure. We both start to shudder as we cum together gloriously.

I look over my shoulder and breathlessly utter to him, “I told you that I would share all the ripe fruit I have.”

He catches his breath and smiles “Well, you certainly are ripe, sweet and so damn delicious!”

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