No Man Calls Only Once 866-605-2544I’d like to share some of my thoughts on isolation and connection with you in this entry. Isolation and connection do not, on the surface, seem to have a direct correlation with one another. However, being isolated does lend itself to magnificent sex with yours truly. And phone sex with me is certainly the most authentic connection you will ever experience.

Social isolation is definitely getting old for all of us, but there are various risks we have to balance. I was thinking about isolation today in a bigger picture sense. In my opinion, social isolation has been evolving for many years. With television, video games, the internet, social media and streaming – technology has absolutely led to an entertainment structure that has made it a rather tempting and cozy proposition for us to just stay at home.

Add to the mix how much of our lifeline and retail therapy have also become available online and it just becomes a no-brainer to enjoy the comforts of home. After a grueling day at the office, who wouldn’t want to just come home and take it easy? I’m all in favor of you seizing every opportunity that you can to relax. I can see it in my head now – you lounging comfortably in your home, stretched out on your bed or reclined in your soft leather chair in front of your computer screen looking at my photo gallery I’m telling you how to stroke your raging hard-on for me. Ahem…I am not about to bite the hand (or the cock) that feeds me!

Of course there are times I do miss going out and I’ll be thrilled when it’s safe to go see a movie, indulge in Taco Tuesday, or drape my towel out on the sand at the beach again. Admittedly, all things I never dreamt of not being able to do on a whim. However, I still have my relationship with you, and you have yours with me, and that’s never going to change (even under worldwide duress).

Perhaps this dreadful virus will usher in a new era of human connection. But you and me, we have already mastered that connection, and that is invaluable to me. We mesh in such a powerful way that it surpasses mere sexual gratification. Our phone sex is phenomenal and I love being the woman who makes you cum. But I also love being the woman you can lean on.

Enduring hardship has a way of stripping away illusions and helping us see more clearly what really matters. People count on you to do so much and you matter. Allowing me to give you the dose of female attention you deserve and need makes everything in your life better and easier to cope with.

It’s also far more pleasurable than jerking your cock all by your lonesome in the guest bedroom (whilst your significant other is asleep). Even though you are presently isolating, you and I can still connect. We have an amazing connection. No worldly madness can penetrate that. We are as solid as your cock is right now!

Call me, babe…

Let me relieve your isolation blues.

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