“Shh.” That’s how I wake you. A serpent sound poured into your ear by the voice that No Man Calls Only Once.

You slowly surface to full consciousness the way you always do: naked, sprawled out on your belly, your limbs carelessly stretched like the beast of luxury that you think you are. But this time, something is not quite right. As you try to turn onto your back, you find you can’t; both of your wrists and your ankles are firmly secured to the bed frame.

“Oh wow!”  You breathe in.

“Oh wow,” I echo through a smile.

“I need coffee.”

“You’re not getting any.” I scoot to the edge of the bed, just out of reach of any possible physical contact.

The bed’s metal frame rattles as you tug at your hands and then at your feet. Then, with a little more desperation, you attempt to tug at all of your limbs at once. “Hey, this is not funny!”

A slight grin crosses my lips as I stand. “It’s not meant to be funny.”

You do your best to follow me with your eyes but being tied the way you are makes it is impossible.

“The joke’s over. Untie me.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” I softly say, picking up the items I’ve decided that I want to use on you this morning. “Baby, the joke hasn’t even begun.”

You tug some more at your bonds but they’ll hold tight, I’m certain of it. “Come on, Ashlee! Enough is enough. I’m glad you find this so amusing.” As you spit out little exasperations intended to make me untie you, it takes on a familiar imperious tone. But this time, I hear the hint of despair beneath your words (I kind of like you desperate). “I mean it! Stop being stupid, Ash.”

The tongue of the wicked black whip lands on your left ass cheek with a surprisingly loud crack! I practiced at this until I got it just right. Do you know how many vids there are on how to crack a crop properly? I know by the sound, that I’m using my wrist to perfection (like I use all of my body parts).

“Fuck!” It takes a moment for the shock of it to sink in but when it does, you’re livid. “You fucking untie me right now, you little bitch!”

The next stroke lands on your right cheek, leaving a matching mark that turns from light pink to deep crimson as the blood gathers and puddles into your flesh. Every new tirade of displeasure that spews from your mouth, I counter with a sharp, precise crop stroke. You’re a smart man; it doesn’t take too many repetitions of this particular example of cause and effect for the message to sink in. Six bright rosy marks on your ass and you’re done, panting and silent (which is a nice look on you). You rest your face on the sheet.

When you finally decide to speak again, there’s a resignation in your voice. “What’s this all about, Ashlee?”

“This is a bit of power play done my way” I quip, climbing back up onto the bed. I’m hoping that now you notice that you are stark naked and I’m fully clothed. I’m wearing a black and gold corset, black thigh highs, a black lace thong and black heels. Yes, you do notice and your eyes drink in the details as I crawl towards you on my hands and knees. The crop and strap-on that I’m holding graze your skin as I approach you.

“Power play, Ashlee?”

Leaning forward, I push a few strands of your hair away from your ear and bring my mouth close. “Remember the email you sent me?” I whisper. “The one where you told me how horny you were and how badly you wanted to feel my mouth around your cock? Oh, you wanted me to suck you so hard. You could almost feel my hot, wet, hungry mouth enclosing you. Remember, baby?”

“Of course I do.”

“Mmm.” I stretch my long fingers out and place them into your hair, clutch a handful and turn your head. I want the other ear now.

“Of course you do, huh?”

“Yes,” you huff indignantly. “I do!”

“And do you remember when you phoned me on Monday? You asked me if my nipples were hard. When I said they weren’t, you made me twist and pinch them until they were. Then you told me how you’d suck them until I began writhing and couldn’t bear it any longer, until my breasts ached and I begged you to stop and fuck me?”

A little growl, soft but feral rises up and into your throat as you mutter “Yes.”

My lips press against your cheek; I offer a sweet kiss… for the moment. My hand, however, is not as kind. It slides between your chest and the mattress, my fingers searching and finally finding the flat, ridged nub that forms your nipple. I squeeze with insurmountable pressure. “You can be such a dick! You had no intention of fucking me. You’re nothing but a tease.”


The pain makes you reconsider. “No excuses, I am a tease.”

“But, Ash… Ouch!” Another sharp pinch and you give up.

“You said that you wanted to fuck me. You said you needed to fuck me. You told me how you’d do it. So many times: fast and frantic, slow and sensually, bending me over, pushing me back, holding me down. You promised that you would even invent new ways to fuck me!” I murmured. “I really can’t remember them all now. Can you?”

For a moment, you say nothing. “I…I meant it. Every time… I meant it.”

“Sure you did, honey.” I snap the crop, rising off of your back.

My hand comes down on your ass with so much force it makes my own palm throb.

“WTF?” you roar!

To Be Continued…

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