Don’t think I don’t know what this picture is doing to you right now. I do. I knew it when I posed for it. I’d like to take this opportunity to show you just how much I am able to get inside of your head (later you can get inside of me). I am going to do that by dissecting how your mind is reacting to this photograph. Some of it you will recognize immediately, while some of it is me knowing you better than you know you. I am a master of your unconsciousness. Read on and indulge.

First, the most obvious thing is that I’m on my knees. But that’s not nearly enough. Yes, any hot chick on her knees makes you think of sticking your dick in her mouth. But look at the angle of my head. Next, look at my face. My eyes are showing you that I’m already dreaming of having your meat where I am so very much craving it. Even I didn’t realize at the time that my lips were just starting to open.

Notice that my high heels have my ass propped up in such a way that my entire body is the perfect blow-job angle for a man standing up before me. My arms are outstretched because what I want to do is wrap them around your legs, rubbing the inside of your thighs, perhaps even sliding my fingers up in order to gently play with your asshole (just because you can’t admit it to yourself doesn’t mean I don’t know how much you’d love for me to do precisely that in that moment).

I’m in the perfect position for you to cradle the back of my head, forcing me to deep throat you until I gag a little. Don’t worry babe, you won’t break me. Just please don’t pull out.

Almost as an afterthought are my beautiful tan legs that lead up to my creamy white ass. Those tits that made you fall for me the first time you laid eyes on me will bounce up and down, up and down, occasionally hitting you in the knees. My waist is not wasted on you, because you know that during another episode you will wrap your arm around it before fucking me senseless.

But this blog is not about what you do to me. It’s what I do to you. And I can do that because I know you and what makes your cock hard, better than anyone who has ever gotten you off before. It doesn’t start with a call. It already started. Now let’s finish it, shall we?

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