phone sex is perfection with Ashlee 866-605-2544I get a lot of love sent my way from men about how incredibly hot my tits are. I have eyes, I can appreciate why. They are big, but not obnoxiously big where they become entities separate from me.  My breasts are shaped flawlessly; tear drops from Heaven with nipples that are just the right size and stand at attention when attention is earned. They’re firm, yet soft and feel wonderful in your mouth, your hand, or as pillows for your cock to snuggle between. I press them together to bring you to a glorious orgasm when you’re a good boy (and you usually are).

My voice gets a ton of attention. Peruse my site and you’ll see me referring to it a lot. There’s even an Ode to My Voice where I explicitly write about my self-awareness of the powers, I hold over you merely utilizing the sound of my voice alone. I enter your ear, the gateway to your mind. It stimulates your cock and motorizes your forearm as you fingers wrap tightly around your raging erection. I can do this because my voice does to you over the phone what my tits do when they’re inches away from your watering mouth: takes you over.

These are my most prominent weapons of seduction. But I have more for you to play with. I’ve written about my delicious apple bottom more than a few times. The way I ready myself on all fours, I hoist it in the air when your balls are aching to unload into me. You take me from behind, squeezing my hips to steady yourself. You pound away, slapping God a high five in your head all the while.

But now I’d like to turn your erection, um, I mean, your attention to another part of my body that I think is equally as hot as my tits, voice, and my ass. Let’s talk about my legs. Let’s talk about my feet. My creamy suntan thighs are the perfect place to rest your cock. I imagine us lying together in bed, the alluring scent of recent hot sex still in our mist. Your stiff cock is resting between my inner thighs. “Life is good this way,” you think to yourself, realizing that every time you’re with me a moment like this is tangible. My legs do this to you. You see them in competition with my tits and you’re ready to pass out before you can thoroughly appreciate all of my assets. But my legs, those beautiful supple thighs that form just perfectly, they make a nice surface for you to rub your cock against.

But there’s more to cum, babe. Let’s spend a moment on my feet. Is that where you prefer to blow your load? You’ve unloaded on my tits, my back, in my hair. How about my feet next? Wouldn’t they look great drenched with what’s inside your balls right now?

I am the total package. It’s not arrogance when you can back it up. I’ll take the Pepsi challenge against any phone sex operator in any category, anytime!

But you need me for so much more than I’ve touched on.

Well, it’s all right here.

Call Me, baby.

Find out for yourself what perfection exemplified feels like.

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