I’ve heard it said that no one’s life is as great as it appears on social media. I wholeheartedly believe that’s true. That said, the American dream does not require that you be as handsome as Don Draper (Mad Men), marry a woman who is as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe, make $500K a year, drive a Porsche, vacation in a different European country every year, and raise 2.3 kids who both go to Harvard. That’s pure Hollywood bullshit. We’re more realistic than that.

Let’s look at you. You have a good job. Of course, you still aspire to make more money. That attitude is precisely why you’ve made it as far as you have. Otherwise, you’d have some entry level job making squat. Far more people out there would trade places with you than you probably realize. Your focus and drive toward achieving more is enviable. You have people in your life who cherish and depend on you. You’re more intelligent than most. I could go on. I’m not going to.

With all of that said, you are here on my website in search of something. I’m that something. There is only one area in your life that is truly lacking. Let me fill that gap for you. That’s what I do and I do it well.

I can be your girlfriend. When something exciting happens at work and you just need to tell someone, I’d love for you to shoot me a quick email or even text me (if you are among the select few who have that privilege) with a quick summary. “Whoa, baby, that’s great!” I reply. Then when we’re together later, I proactively ask you about it because you took the time to share it with me. I look forward to hearing the details that surround your life. Our calls are so much more than sex. We are spending time together, getting to know one another on a deeper level. When you confide in me, it makes me want to shower you with my sweet tender side.

As your girlfriend, the visual I see when I close my eyes is of us lying together in a hammock. I’m lying on my side, curled up next to you with my leg draped over yours. My fingers are gently fluttering about your body, stopping for a moment to softly rub your chest while the warm breeze brushes over our bodies. Eventually, my hand finds its way down lower and ducks under the elastic of your boxer briefs. As I push beneath the waistband, I begin gripping your cock. “Relax, babe. You don’t need to do anything. Just let your girl jerk your cock until you explode gloriously, and then you can close your eyes and rest for the remainder of the afternoon.”

Contrarily, I can be your eager whore. There are times that you just need to fuck a woman hard, someone who will actually welcome your primal lust and enjoy the fuck! I’m that someone. You can simply summon me and push your throbbing cock deep inside of me. I love being the one that you come to (pun so very intended). It excites me to know that I’m the one who can relieve all of the stress and tension that a bad day can bestow upon you. I’ll gladly coax a load out of your heavy balls, hard and fast, getting you grounded again so you can finish all that you need to do. I won’t linger, whine, or tell you that I was expecting more from you, like she would.

I know how to be many different things and I’m quite adept at pivoting to accommodate a vast array of different moods and situations. Your life is not as simple as it used to be. There are times that you just need a woman to talk to. I understand that men have specific impulses, urges, concerns and desires. A huge part of that can be fulfilled just by consistently having a healthy dose of female attention.

You are a man, and by the sweat of your brow, you’ve made it this far in life. You deserve warmth, intimacy and sexual gratification. I’d like to think that in some small way, I have helped to stoke the dwindling embers in your otherwise virtually nonexistent sex life. I have a profound respect for the life you’ve created and I’m quite happy to enhance your world in any way that I can, sweetheart.

I’m ready to complement your life in the ways that are needed most by you. Please understand that this is a genuine commitment on my part, not just a request to get you to call me. Some of you reading this have already discovered that I’m about much more than just making you cum. For those of you who haven’t learned this yet, you are in for the surprise of your life!

I look forward to perfecting your nearly perfect life.

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