You’re determined to stay loyal; you’ve insisted all night long. I get it. Rendezvousing with me is a heavenly experience, but sometimes it makes you feel guilty, like you should’ve spent the evening at home sitting on the couch doing nothing. As time passes since I last made you cum, your craving for me heightens and meanwhile, your feeling of guilt subsides with each order barked at you.

Night after night of enduring blue balls eventually leads you to being with me once again. On the particular occasion I’m thinking of, however, it hasn’t been that long. We just spent an entire night together passionately fucking each other’s brains out, so the longing hasn’t been building all that long.

The reset button was hit on your tolerance level for your significant other’s bullshit by indulging in me. You know as well as I do that we’ll be together again soon enough, but this time, I simply didn’t want to wait that long. I wanted you again before nature’s course brought you to me, and I was determined to have my way.

“Enough of your protestations of loyalty. She’s not worth your waiting.”
This is what I said to you as I was standing in your living room. I apologize for not being as sweet and tender as you love for me to be. This is me showing a little bit of annoyance and impatience with you. You take it both because you care for me and because my tight, see-through blouse was showing off my protruding nipples. Seeing my nipples poking through my blouse instantly sent the engine in your balls into overtime, producing mass amounts of cum in your aching balls!

You’re torn between your emotions, I get this. I don’t make it easy on you when I begin pouting, showing you that I’m a little bit hurt. “Can I at least have a hug, sweetheart?” I ask. Of course I can. You stand up and approach me, wanting to respectfully stare into my eyes, but my tits are standing at attention, calling for yours. It’s okay to take them in babe I allude to you with my eyes. We embrace, your arms circling my gorgeous curves as my breasts press up against your chest.

After a few seconds, you begin to pull back but I strengthen my grip on you. Just knowing that I don’t want to detach from you yet is enough for you to gladly stay put. I can feel the bulge in your crotch growing against my leg. I shuffle a little bit to rub against it.

“Ashlee, you’re making it hard for me to be a gentleman right now. I’m trying to ease your hurt, but I’m distracted by your body.” I assure you that it’s okay. I know you’re erect and I know how good it feels when our bodies are tightly pressed together. “I just need to be held because being rejected hurts. I don’t mind. Press it against me harder if you want. It’s not like you’re crossing any sort of line by doing so.” With that assurance, you grab me and pull me even tighter against you as I kiss your neck softly once, then again and again. “Would you like a lap dance?”

“Ashlee, I can’t.” “You can’t what? You’ve been to strip clubs with the boys for bachelor parties numerous times before. Yes you can, babe. A lap dance is nothing. It’s a tease and a half, but nothing else. I can’t make you cum with our clothes on,” I lie.

We head over to the couch. I have you sit on the end so that I can use the arm of the couch for leverage. I grind my perfect ass into your crotch and begin bouncing. Your pants feel like prison bars prohibiting the ecstasy you know you deserve. I slowly continue my dance of seduction as I skillfully start to remove my clothing, piece by piece.  I continue beguiling you as I arch my ass and slink back down onto your lap, this time facing you.

With my fingers touching your face we lock eyes. I am everything you’ve always wanted in a female. “Go ahead, babe. Feel my tits. You can do that too without feeling guilty.” You hesitate but only for a second. There’s so much more that you want to do and that I want to do too. Without asking you, I drop to my knees and look up at you as I’m biting my bottom lip. “I’m not going to suck your cock, baby but I would like to take it out and feel it between my tits.” Your eyes grow as wide as your cock is hard. “Titty-fucking is not actually fucking.”

With your cock nestled between my tits, I press them together and start to stroke it. “You feel good; you feel better than good. But something is still missing. Wouldn’t it feel so much better if my tits and your cock were lubed up?” You agree immediately and suggest that you suck on my tits to help your erection glide between them with ease.

Without speaking, I answer by opening my mouth and engulfing your cock. You let out a moan as loud as cannon fire. “Forget her, forget your guilt, and forget about anything that has to do with her!” My mouth is warm around your shaft as my lips find the bottom of your cock and your head finds my throat. With my face buried in your crotch, I find your hands and put them on the back of my head, indicating that I want you to take over.

You do. You fuck my mouth until your entire body convulses then stiffens until a geyser emerges from your cock, filling my stomach and chest with your hot cum.

“You see, the best things in life cum to those who don’t wait, my love. So don’t give it (or her) another thought.

When it comes to being pleasured by yours truly…

Patience is not a virtue, my dear.

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