I’ve been struggling all week long to write a toast that I have been asked to give at my friend’s wedding. Normally, I never struggle to find the right things to say (something you can definitely attest to). This time is different though, I am completely lost. I love my friend dearly and I want to be able to deliver kind, sweet words about her and her pretentious beau. Sadly, the truth is I don’t think she should be marrying this guy. If I thought otherwise, the words would just come to me. So, I call you up and coax you into letting me come over so you can help me write it. You jump at the chance to come to my rescue because you like making me happy and you figure that if you help me out, I’ll return the favor by helping you out of your boxers. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

I show up to your house and I can instantly see the distress in your eyes. You give me one look and quickly realize that I’m not wearing anything revealing and sexy. My tight fitting jeans look incredible on me, but the denial of my fleshy thighs is not what you had hoped for. On top, I am wearing an oversized college hoodie that doesn’t really outline my tits enough for you to ogle them. The bumps are apparent, but like the jeans, it’s not enough. “Don’t worry babe,” I say in a reassuring tone, “there will be time to play later, I promise.” The word “later” dampens the mood for you even more and I can see the displeasure sprint across your face.

We take a seat on your couch; I reach into my bag to pull out my laptop and place it on your coffee table. In hopes that I am just toying with you, you begin to rub my leg. Unfortunately, your disappointment continues to grow (unlike your cock) when you see that I’m all about business. “Babe, I’ve got to get this done, the wedding is Saturday! I promise you, I’m all yours once this is complete.” You give up on trying to get my clothes off ASAP and instead resign yourself to needing to sing for your supper.

After 45 minutes of going back and forth discussing what sentiments to include and selecting the perfect words to express them, you exclaim “Ashlee, I can’t take it anymore! Baby, I need to be inside you.” My eyes don’t stray from the screen for a second, as I’m completely and utterly focused. You do manage to get a smirk out of me… “Ashlee, please! At least let me suck on your tits. Your beautiful breasts motivate me to move mountains for you. Lift your sweatshirt and give me a peek, baby.”

“I’ll tell you what babe,” I reply. “Let’s get this done and then you can suck on my succulent tits to your heart’s desire. I even have a surprise for you or should I say my tits have a surprise for you!” You relent, rejected again, resting your chin in your hand as we sit together on the couch but now you’re most definitely intrigued by what a surprise could possibly mean.

About a half hour later, we’re finally finished. You begin to tug at the bottom of my sweatshirt, pushing your hand up inside attempting to reach my bra, but I push your hand away. “Let me just read it aloud once.” You’re anxious; the bulge in your pants is increasing by the second and it’s now beginning to throb. You do your best to act like you’re listening patiently but you’re not really listening at all. Once I’m finished reading and confident that my upcoming toast is perfected, I tell you that I really need to go to the ladies room first. “I’ll be right back babe, I just need to freshen up and then you can have me.” I smile and give your crotch a squeeze as I get up and make sure to put a little bounce in my step as you’re watching my sassy ass walk away. I didn’t want to reveal that I was already gushing wet, but good God, your cock was as thick and hard as a lead pipe.

To the bathroom I go, leaving you behind in sheer agony. After about two minutes, you hear me turn the shower on. You’re frustrated at the notion that you might have to wait another 15 minutes! You lose your composure, thinking you’re likely to cum within a minute of seeing me again. You rush to the bathroom door, quickly grab the doorknob and give it a turn, but it’s locked. You growl at me in exasperation and inquisitively say my name, “Ashlee?”

“I’ll be right out sweetheart, good things come to those who wait,” I quip. Your balls are at full capacity, they’re ready to explode and they need to be emptied urgently. You consider jacking off as you wait, knowing that you’d be able to quickly reboot once you see my delicious body. Just as you’re beginning to take that thought seriously, you hear the water shut off and my delicate footsteps nearing the door. I unlock and pull open the door. I’m standing naked and wet before you, my skin glistening as the light catches the beads of water coating my flawless skin. Your eyes open wide as you drink in my ridiculously hot body. I’m dripping wet and my chest is heaving up and down. I bite my bottom lip and the look in my eyes tells you, “I am the hottest girl you have ever laid eyes on and I know it.” After my beauty has fully resonated, you finally realize that my tits are wearing jewelry. You are shocked! They are the gold earrings you bought your wife for her last birthday. I snagged them because I decided they would look a lot better on me.

“My tits are yours babe. Will you suck on them for me?” Hearing me express a command in the form of a question reminds you that you are indeed mine. “Wait. I want something else first.” I pat you on the head, guiding you to your knees. I grab the back of your head and press your face between my creamy thighs. You can see my swollen lips and faintly smell the musky scent left behind from grabbing your cock earlier. You begin to lick me with your tongue and as you’re about to envelope my clit with your lips, you are delighted to find my pussy adorning yet another item from your wife’s jewelry box. “You belong to me babe; you’ve been such a good boy today. Go ahead and enjoy yourself; roam in my playground.” I place my leg over your shoulder completely opening my fruit filled pussy to the pleasures of your mouth. “I’m even going to return the favor, babe.”

The truth is it’s always your turn for pleasure but your secret girlfriend needs her man to do things for her sometimes. It’s a two-way street, there has to be a little give and take. When you do as I desire, there are perks. There are lots and lots of perks, like waking up with the sweet scent of my pussy still lingering on your breath.

Just remember, my love… patience is a virtue.

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