It’s Christmas Eve and you’re horny in your house

Your wife’s asleep snoring; she’s a terrible spouse

As you rack your brain for a pleasurable solution

There’s one thing guaranteed to bring absolution

It’s the gift that keeps on giving day and night

Your personal phone sex vixen so wet and tight

Dwelling on a sexless marriage keeps you bound

Instead you want to feel a woman’s soft mound

Knowing that your life feels much like a blight

You set out to find a phone sex playmate tonight

How you hoped you would find available chicks

Then, you suddenly realize how to get your fix

You type into the browser Your Only Desire

My pics and my voice set your loins on fire

You could be caught by the boring old wife

But it’s a chance you take to end your strife

You love how I move as I pinch my breasts

Jockeying for position, I let you do the rest

I beg you to take me and drill me with zeal

Doing as I ask really causes me to squeal

Christmas is the best season so people say

I’ll go fast or slow, doing things your way

You climax hard and I’m covered in cum

You had all but forgotten that sex is fun

Our Christmas tryst ends in sexual delight

Baby, I’m sure glad you called me tonight

Merry Christmas to you, and each caller

The New Year will be an absolute baller!

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