It’s a few days after I snuck in while you were napping (see last week’s blog entry). Your wife will be coming home in a few days and our “honeymoon” will alas reach an end (at least for now). It was heaven while it lasted but the promise of her nagging and sexless nights are right around the corner. I’m sorry it has to be this way for you. Perhaps one day we will find a way to be together on a more permanent basis. Until then, however, we’ll just have to make the most of her absences, like we always do.

Last night, I left your house not knowing when we’d see each other again. You tried calling me early in the morning before work for a quickie phone sex call; I was in the shower when you rang. By the time I saw my missed call and tried you back, you were already in the car en route to work. “Are you sure you can’t pull over somewhere? I can have you cumming in minutes!” But you couldn’t, not with the pristine suit you were wearing and the stressful day you had ahead of you.

I appreciate what you go through day in and day out. You work hard and deserve more of a reward than you are used to coming home to. With this in mind, I decide to surprise you. In the mid-afternoon, I head over to your house. I clean up everything, not just making your bed but I scrub the toilets, water your wife’s plants, wash the windows, and even handle your grocery shopping. I baked chocolate chip cookies in your oven, smelling up the kitchen in the most delicious way. I parked my jeep down the block so that you wouldn’t know I was there when you pulled up in front of your freshly immaculate beach house.

You enter your house, expecting nothing but a lonely evening when you hear footsteps approaching. You’re only two feet in the door when I call out to you. Your eyes light up when I emerge from the kitchen wearing a pale-blue one piece romper with the front completely opened up, brandishing my oiled up tits for you to gaze upon. Your jaw hangs open, your briefcase falls from your grip, and your cock springs to life.

Seeing this, and without saying another word, I saunter towards you with absolute intention. You haven’t even taken your tie off when I push you back against the front door. I plant one hand on your shoulder and with the other I gently grip your crotch. Our eyes lock. You’re ready for me to kiss you but instead I hold the stare. At this point, our faces are mere inches apart. You’re helpless and loving it.

“Do you love me babe?” I ask. But I already know the answer. You answer at a record pace. “Yes Ashlee.”

With my one hand not budging from your shoulder, I unzip your fly with the other. The anticipation is killing you. My fingers find their way inside of your pants and reach down to clutch your shaft through your boxer briefs. I begin to stroke it. “Go on, tell me. Tell me how much you love me.”

You want desperately to tell me that I’m everything to you and that coming home to me is a dream come true. But your mind is racing too much to articulate anything meaningful. “It’s okay, babe. I get it.” I reward your passion for me by pulling open the front pocket of your briefs. The soft skin of my hand meets your pulsating erection sending you straight into ecstasy.

I love seeing your chest heave from breathing so heavily. I drop to my knees and pull your pants to the ground. I lift up your balls and begin suckling the bottom of your scrotum. You start to shudder, motivating me to please you all the more. I take one of your balls into my mouth and begin softly sucking while stroking your cock. Only a few seconds tick by before you can’t take it any longer. Your back arches, I suck harder as my saliva drips off of your balls. Before I’m even ready for it, you shoot an explosive load into the air.

Your cock starts deflating, but I haven’t taken my lips away. I just keep on swirling your balls in my mouth, not for your pleasure, but for mine.

I have your back (and all of your other body parts too) and you surely have mine!

You still have some time before she’ll be home…

Let’s  have one more hurrah while she’s away, shall we?

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