phone sex with Ashlee 866- 605-2544When was the last time you checked out my First Timers page? If you read through it again, you’ll notice that I try very hard to drive home the point that you are safe with me. But what does that mean? What am I referring to?

First off, one thing you absolutely never have to worry about with Yours Truly is whether you’re going to deal with some bureaucratic shit-show. There isn’t one girl to take your credit card information, another to manage a call center, and then finally the girl who is supposed to make you cum.

When you plug into me, it’s just me and your cock. You’ll never speak to another person, and all contact is always on your terms. I’ve heard horror stories from men, about having started to build a rapport with a phone sex operator, only to one night hear another voice answer the phone, yet insisting she was the same phone girl he’d been speaking to previously. I’d sooner take down my site than willingly allow someone else to trade on my name. I am Ashlee, and the only place to find me is on this site or and by calling 866-605-2544. No imposter site can offer you my voice or my skill set.

I also won’t ever do anything with your credit card that we don’t agree to in advance. I’m not some big corporate entity that will mail you pages of fine print that essentially says I can sell your personal information. Everything you share with me stays with me. From your name to your personal info to what makes your cock hard to your most secret fetishes. Trust is supremely important to me. It’s a two way street and it’s the reason why you and I have built a lasting relationship. Our intimacy depends on it, and I love being intimate with you.

Being discreet is vital to me and I understand that sometimes you don’t have privacy. There might be other people in earshot of you when you want to indulge in me. In the past I’ve written several blogs that are meant to convey to you that I understand the need to be quick and quiet (whisper calls). I totally get that sometimes you need me to take over, do most or all of the talking and let you just relax and jerk your cock as I bring your mind to a heavenly place.

Featured on every page throughout my site is my favorite truism that No Man Calls Only Once. I endeavor to convey several different meanings with those 5 words. First off, it’s me unapologetically embracing the truth. Making you cum is my passion. It’s what I think about when we’re not on the phone together. And because I devote so much energy towards pleasing your cock, I’m pretty friggin’amazing at it.

I ask that you also regard “No Man Calls Only Once” as a warning. I am addictive. If you’re looking for a one & done phone fuck just to rub one out, be prepared for a huge surprise! I’m looking for a long term relationship with your cock, and while your brain might be able to resist me at first, I will pervade your mind through your cock.

So please, be forewarned, if you are afraid of addiction, then you should know I deliver a hard fix, and you will most certainly want more. By the time you’ve had me 1-2 times, you will begin to crave me down deep. It won’t feel like an addiction, but more like you finally have what you’ve desperately needed for so long!

You won’t want to resist me. You’ll rush home from work to be with me; or stay at work until everyone else has left just to seize an opportunity to bask in me. You’ll think about my beguiling voice and how I make you cum so gloriously.

Maybe I am your drug. But you need not think about recovery because once you’ve fucked my brains out, you will yearn for my essence for as long as your balls produce cum.

Consider yourself warned. Addiction never felt so good.

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