I’ve written before about you wishing your woman was more assertive in bed. I was wondering if you could somehow manage to bring this subject up to her, what you would tell her that you need more of. This is not really the kind of subject that you can bullet point and simply hand her a “honey do” list for. I’m betting that even bringing up the topic of sex puts her immediately into a “mood”.

This is something I’ve personally never understood. Sure, as you grow older you get tired more easily. You don’t always have the same kind of stamina that you did when you were a young buff. However, going to bed a tad earlier and working a bit harder has absolutely nothing to do with your primal desire. Just because your life might change a bit along the way, it doesn’t mean you don’t still want the same kind of attention and satisfaction that you’ve always wanted.

Women, on the other hand, seem to think that as the ring goes on and the kids come along, that’s the end of your sexual story. I know it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be!  It’s quite to the contraire, all those added responsibilities – all that you do for your family – leaves you wanting a little fun and release even more. Don’t you deserve that? Don’t you deserve to know you’re still attractive, still desired, and still appreciated in all those ways? It’s amazing how you complain so little for all you do, but the moment you raise even the slightest complaint about what’s not going on in the bedroom, you get completely shut down.

She might not be willing to listen, but I am. I understand your frustration and know that you deserve to be shown some gratitude for all that you do. She may think of you as an average Joe, but I recognize that you do far more than an average man could fathom. You are everyone else’s hero, always busy saving the day. Let me be YOUR hero because even heroes need a caped crusader of their own once in a while.

I’m ready to don my cape and help you with your next mission. I’m sure you will marvel at what you can accomplish with a super like me guiding you along!

You’re no average Joe. You’re catnip to this foxy feline!

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