My clothes were drenched. Though I was wearing a pullover sweater and jeans, it was clear to him that I was fit and likely possessed a gorgeous body beneath my sopping wet clothes. He told me that he had sent his staff home ahead of the storm, anticipating that they would have trouble driving in the bleak weather. He went on to explain that his prep work for the day had been finished, and it was unlikely that any new customers would brave the storm to go out for dinner. He informed me that he had his wife drive everyone home, while he had stayed behind to catch up on paperwork.

He then offered me a change of clothes. In the ladies room, I changed into a standard looking chef’s outfit: loose-fitting, drawstring pants and a button down, white linen shirt that barely buttoned up over my ridiculously hot and ample rack. While I was changing, he hung my clothes to dry and dished up two bowls of hot & sour soup for us. Next, we sat down at one of the black lacquer tables to enjoy our soup. I was feeling quite taken with his chivalry, genteel charm, and gracious hospitality. (He was delicious eye candy too!)

As we sat together, our conversation was free-flowing and the vibe between us felt safe and easy. The warm energy that surged through us seemed to have lent itself to unintended sexual undertones at every turn. We talked about everything from what I was doing out and about on such a stormy day, to his wife and how he often liked to find little errands to send her on. I had the distinct notion that if he and I let nature take its course, she would be busy doing errands for days on end!

He periodically looked me over with his distinctively lusty blue eyes, trying to be nonchalant, but failing miserably. I, too, tried not to be too conspicuous about the fact that my libido was pulsing like a drum. I’m sure it was quite obvious though, as I twisted and twirled the tips of my wet hair and gazed back at him with longing eyes.

We slowly stirred our soup with big, white spoons as we sat across from each other. The conversation became quieter as we listened to the rain that was pounding the rooftop. I knew that, like me, he was trying to find a way to stay composed as the sexual tension between us was mounting at a rapid pace and becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore.

Finally, whether I meant to or not (okay, I definitely meant to), I began overtly flirting. He ignored it, or tried to anyway. He was flirting with me as well and trying to ignore that, too.

After I finished eating and my phone was fully charged, I called someone to pick me up. I told him that they’d be there to get me in a couple of hours. He called his wife, who was still driving everyone home. He instructed her to go home afterwards. He told her that he had a pile of paperwork to finish still and it would be a while before he’d be home.

I thanked him for his generosity and we continued chatting, moving on to other topics. He got up and went into the kitchen and returned with a small plate that was lined with a white, paper doily and contained 2 fortune cookies. He asked me if I was daring enough to read my fortune out loud. I responded by saying, “Sure, I’m all about taking risks and seizing opportunities”.

Mine said, “Soon you’ll be swept away by a perfect stranger”. “Hmmm… might that perfect stranger be you?” He just grinned as he broke his cookie in half, pulling out the little crinkled message. “You’ll soon find something that’s been missing.” As he finished reading those words, he stood up and slid in next to me on my side of the cushioned bench. Leaning in, he put his arm around my shoulder and gave me the most sensual kiss that I’ve ever had.

It was on…

I excused myself and went to the ladies room. As I walked out, he was standing there, waiting for me. He swooped in, grabbed me by my waist, and pushed me back against the wall, pressing his body firmly against mine. My eyes beckoned him to continue. I had wanted him to ravage me from the moment I first laid eyes on him. He reached down into my drawstring pants, feeling my wetness. I immediately began grinding on his hand. I unbuttoned the linen shirt as his fingers moved perfectly inside of my velvety pussy. My nipples were hard and tight; they were aching to be touched by his tongue. He began sucking on them as he roamed both of my breasts with his large hands and desirous mouth.

I reached down and found that the head of his engorged cock was already emerging from his pants; I yanked his pants down. I yelled out in frenzied passion “Put it in me now!’’ He pushed me down onto a table, pulled my legs apart, and pushed his dick inside me so deeply that I almost passed out from the initial dose of pleasure his cock delivered. I moaned loudly as it went crashing into my ripe pussy over and over!

As his thrusting continued, my mind and body were both flooded with more warmth and unbridled desire than I had ever experienced before. I clutched the edges of the table on both sides with my hands and begged him not to stop. He grabbed my hips and pulled me forward as he slammed into me even harder! He was fucking me so feverishly that I could feel my orgasm was just moments away; I breathlessly told him that I was going to cum all over his rigid cock. Those words sent him over the edge as he pumped his cum straight into me! When I felt his hot release inside of me, off I went, into the most intense rolling orgasm I’ve had to date!

He then carried my limp body into his office and laid me down on his couch. He snuggled in behind me and began rubbing my back and kissing me softly on my neck. He whispered into my ear “I’m still hard.” Before I could even respond, I heard my phone buzz. (Talk about a buzz kill, quite literally.) It was my friend letting me know that she would be arriving in 5 minutes. He looked over at my phone and in a bittersweet tone said, “Next time.”

Still breathless with pleasure, I watched him slip back into his chef pants and V-neck shirt again. As I watched him dress, I wondered how a man could be created so perfectly. He returned my clothes to me and I scurried to get them back on before my friend arrived. He took me by the hand and headed toward the door. As we approached the door, he affectionately gave my hand a gentle squeeze. I gave his hand a little squeeze in return. He handed me a business card from his pocket, pressed me against the big door and kissed me goodbye. I knew that there would be a “next time” and that filled me with great contentment and happiness.

As my ride pulled up, we looked at each other and silently acknowledged that our meeting one another was not merely a happenstance. I believe that he was there on that stormy day to help me. I also believe that I showed up to help him find what he had desperately been missing. It was a serendipitous connection that I’ll cherish forever.

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