Have I ever mentioned to you my favorite time of day?  Well, to be fair, I have more than one. However, at the top of my list sits those first hazy few minutes right after I wake up in the morning. I’ve always found it so fascinating how just upon waking, nothing is quite real yet. Practical thoughts of errands to run or responsibilities to fulfill haven’t yet entered my mind and even my body itself, hasn’t fully reported in from slumber.

Those moments, those precious dream-like moments, are so often when I think of you. In that sweet space between full sleep and wakefulness, anything can feel real. They are full of possibilities and sensation, and this morning was no exception.

It began like it always does. I slowly become aware of the golden glow through my closed eyelids. The feel of my cool cotton sheets against my bare skin and the warmth emanating from my body. Not yet fully awake, I can almost smell your aftershave lingering in the air and the presence of your body next to me.

I keep my eyes closed and slowly trace a finger along the curve of my breast, feeling the tingle that it spreads awakens my desire. A torrent of yearning washes over my body as I imagine your hand touching me. I remember the things you love to whisper to me in the heat of our passion. Stretching languidly, I arch my back slightly as I continue tracing down my body to the soft mound between my thighs that is now pleading for attention.

In that moment, I could still feel your kiss on my lips. I run my tongue along my lips to savor the remnants of your tongue connecting with mine. I could almost feel you, pressed firmly against me with your pulsing cock as I slipped a finger into my pussy and moaned your name.

Can you picture it baby? How erotic I must have looked in the morning light? How sensual I sounded as spontaneous moans escaped from my mouth? And finally, how my entire body shuddered as I came so deeply?

Do you have a favorite time of the day, babe?

Call me; I will redefine “Favorite.”

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