I have a confession to make…although I have watched plenty of porn in my 29 ¾ years on this planet, I’m actually not a huge fan of it. Don’t get me wrong, I do think porn has its place. However, I much prefer the more authentic sexual exchange that takes place between you and I when we are in one another’s ear.

I find porn to be a bit limiting. Perhaps it’s because my own erotic imagination is intensely evocative, colorfully graphic, and vastly vivid. That being said, campy videos are just too dull and prescriptive for my taste. Porn scenes display incredibly predictable acts and those acts are presented in an extremely smack-dab in your face kind of way. This is what you see from the moment you tune in until either it ends rather unceremoniously, or you switch over to something slightly different.

I’m not implying that porn can’t ever be arousing; I am a very sexual creature, after all. Seeing a sex act being performed can indeed turn a switch in our reptilian brains; nevertheless it’s one thing to draw our attention for a fleeting moment and quite another to hold it. I favor the raw, unscripted sounds and surges that ensue when foreplay is taking place.

The cadence in my voice will stir your entire being with anticipation and longing, and the cum brewing in your balls will be begging for release. Knowing that I’m evoking this level of horniness in you makes my pussy swell with sheer lust and unbridled yearning for your cock, and trust me babe, you will remember my voice and the climax we have together long after our call.

The mind is our most erogenous zone and I derive great pleasure in delving into your mind through your cock. Watching porn is viewing someone else’s fantasy. When speaking with yours truly… I will bring your fantasy to fruition.

So what is your fantasy?  Let’s tap into it right now.

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