Merry Switchmas

Bring your body next to mine
Run your hand down my spine
Let your lips touch my skin
Hold me close and deep within
Feel me quiver, feel me shake
Look upon my pretty face
Grab my hips, pull my hair
Let me know, I’m beyond rare
Hold me down, body on mine
Thrust me deeply, It feels sublime
Make me want you, make me scream
I’m your sultress, I’m your queen
Flip me over, spank me hard
Show me you’re the one in charge
Take my hips, make me sore
Tell me I’m your little whore
Grab my neck, choke me some
Tell me when I have to cum
Make me beg you, make me cry
Show me pain, I can’t deny
Slam your cock deep into me
So much pleasure I can barely see
Feel my pussy wrap you tight
Explode in me with all your might
Give me all of it, give me more
Throw me down upon your floor
Tease me, please me, fuck me hard
Even if it seems a bit marred
Let me up to climb on you
It’s my time now, to pay my dues
Bring my tongue down to your cock
Your hazy eyes proclaim -don’t stop
Wrap my lips around your meat
Feel the wetness, Feel the heat
Feed the back of my throat
For I’m as wet as a moat
Put your hands on the back of my head
Hold me down until your desires fed
I press my body into the sheets
Once again, our naughty bits meet
I straddle you, one knee on each side
Get ready for a deep and euphoric ride
You slide into me, I let out a moan
Leaning back, inviting your hands to roam
Our pace starts slow, but desire has won
Soon your thrusting in me, I can’t help but cum
You know how to work me, make me feel so hot
Up and down fucking you, stopping I’m not
Harder and harder, faster and deeper
Calling out your name, I know you’re a keeper
Stroking your cock with my pussy so wet
This is one ride, we will never forget
Your cumming hard, I’m cumming too
I lean in, grunting and squeezing you
Unbridled passion like an animal at the zoo
You burst inside me, filling me with your cream
Knowing this was better than any fucking dream
I fall to your side and put my hand around your waist
Laying breathless together, slowing our pace
Drifting to sleep amidst the fire’s glow…
I dream of spending Christmas with you in tow


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