We pick up our story about an hour after you’ve gotten home from dinner. I left you so horny that you were willing to fuck your wife just for an opportunity to get off. Unfortunately, she wanted no part of sex. She’s married; she’s got your money and your balls, she no longer needs to satisfy you. The days of having sex because you’re in the mood are long gone. Even while driving home, you were beginning to resign yourself to needing to jack off in order to achieve release given her repeated yawning. It was too early for her to be so tired, but you didn’t care. “Either spread your legs or go away so I can stroke my cock to orgasm without your interruption!”  You fought back the urge to say it out loud.

Unfortunately, it began to look like you weren’t going to get to fuck her pussy or your hand. For 20 minutes or more, she went on and on with her senseless drivel. You were left a silent victim, praying a meteorite would suddenly fall from the sky, through the roof, and crater her into the ground just to end your suffering! Finally—finally—she had no energy left. “I’m going to bed.” You could hardly contain your excitement and you couldn’t say “Goodnight” fast enough.

At last, it was just you, your cock and your thoughts of me without any distractions or the droning sound of her voice. You loosen your belt, unbutton your jeans, and slide down the zipper to pull out your cock, but suddenly, you hear a knock at the front door. Odd that someone would be coming over this late you thought to yourself. You zip up, sigh and growl to yourself, ready to quickly dispense with this nuisance at the door. But to your surprise, what you thought was a nuisance turned out to be all of your dreams coming true. It was your Ashlee standing before you.

“May I come in,” I ask. I see the nervous excitement on your face. You ask me, “you know why wife is home, right?” Before I can reveal what I have in mind for you, you turn to look around in the house and even walk over to take a peek up the stairs. You rush back to me at the door and reach out your hand to mine. “Quiet, let’s head to the basement. My wife should be asleep in the bedroom.”

“I know, babe, but let’s use the living room couch instead. We won’t wake her up, trust me.” My sly grin conveys that I have something up my sleeve and I know something you don’t. I walk towards you and get close, my lips nearly touching yours. I place my hands on your bare shoulders to set your mind at ease and I whisper into your ear, “let’s just say there was more than just wine in her glass at dinner.” You’re shocked and a sudden streak of horror shoots through you. Your eyes grew as wide as silver dollars. I grab your hands in mine and quickly place them on my breasts; my tits never fail to take full control over you.
With another sly smile, I lead you over to sit on the couch. Sitting next to one another, your bulge protruding prominently, I begin kissing your neck. I grasp your erection and squeeze, causing it to pulsate in my hand, and driving you absolutely mad. “I need you Ashlee,” you say under your quick, heavy breaths for air.

“I know you do, babe, I know, but I want tonight to last a while. That’s part of why I sedated your wife. We’re going to play and explore. Don’t worry; I won’t make you wait much longer for release. You’re going to cum at least twice tonight.”

I unzip your fly, fall to my knees, and take your monster hard-on between my lips. I open up my throat and push my mouth down your shaft until half your cock is resting snugly inside. My lips form a wet seal around the base. I begin to hum, creating vibrations that compliment my sucking. Your entire body begins to jerk involuntarily. You open your eyes and look down on my head bobbing up and down, the sight is more than you can handle. I feel your fingernails dig into my scalp, grasping tightly to my hair. Your hips thrust upwards gagging me on your rigid cock. I can feel the rapid beat of your heart in my mouth with each throb, and then the warm rush of cum escapes your balls, warms my tongue, and slides down coating my throat.

“Oh my God” escapes your mouth as you try to catch your breath. I slide up to you and look into your eyes, once again wearing my sly smile. “Babe, we’re not even close to done. I’m about to change your life.”

To be continued next week…

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