The other day I was grocery shopping and overheard a conversation that initially hurt my feelings a tad. A few minutes later, I wrote it off as just typical female jealousy and immediately felt better. I was wearing a fitted white top and hadn’t realized how erect my nipples had become when I opened the frozen foods door to grab some vegetables. I was standing there for a few minutes trying to decide what I wanted, so I guess they were standing at attention quite noticeably. There were two girls just a few feet away and they were visibly annoyed that I was being stared at by every guy who walked by. They figured I was putting my tits on display. I don’t deny that I absolutely do that, but this was not my intention at that moment (they’re so big and beautiful that they do garner attention without my trying). I overheard one of them reassure the other with a snicker “She’s not the kind of girl any guy wants to marry anyway. She’s only good for one thing.” I hope you can understand why this bothered me. I fancy myself as being your only desire. Not your only fuck fantasy desire. I am Ginger. But I’m also Mary Ann.

What makes Ginger who she is? Who is she anyway? When you first see her, your immediate involuntary thought is about how much you want to fuck her. She’s the kind of girl who will fuck you back, not just lie there and let you have your way (even when it is your way). You want to have wild passionate sex with her, bang her from behind with a pounding that culminates with an explosion from your fire hose deep inside of her. When you think of her you get a raging hard on that requires you to grasp it with all of the strength your forearm can muster. She can make you live on the edge, having you do things that you didn’t want to until she made you want to do them. I am Ginger for you, and I know it. I know I do this to you. I have a right to be arrogant because I am that hot.

Who is Mary Ann? She’s the girl that your parents always wanted you to find and eventually end up with. She’s the girl that those girls near the freezer try to be, because they know they can’t be Ginger (and no other reason). You absolutely do want to make love to her, but slapping her ass to the point of inflicting pain seems sacrilegious. You want to be gentle with her, cuddle her in your arms, and take long walks on the beach in your bare feet. You tell your deepest, darkest secrets to her and she loves you more for it. She makes you feel like a man because she needs you to take care of her. I am Mary Ann too, or at least, I am when I’m with you. I need tending to also, the kind of tending that you give me. When you do, it makes me feel safe, and like we’re the only two people in the world because we are. Typing this right now, I’m missing you lots.

I am who I am, and that’s why you feel the way you do about me. You wouldn’t want me if I was one dimensional. I’m not. Please remind me of this babe. Sometimes I need the reassurance. I promise you that you will get what you need from me too.

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