Real phone sex with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544You wake up to an incredible feeling. One of your balls is in my mouth, preciously being fondled between my tongue, lips, and cheek. I’m being gentle with my sucking muscles to ensure the most pleasant experience imaginable. I’m under the covers, hidden from view, and even though you didn’t know I was coming over, there’s zero doubt that it’s Yours Truly giving you this intense dose of Heaven.

A slurping sound meets your ears to remind you that you’re still alive and that you haven’t ascended to the afterlife paradise. I’m accentuating my efforts by adding the sound effects. I’m trying to drive home how eager I am to make you feel good, while giving you a glimpse of my more submissive side.

We both know that your attraction to me is insatiable to the point where I’ve taken ownership over your cock, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know when it’s my turn to be all about you. While I maintain full control over you with my wet mouth, I enjoy the role-play of me serving you. A blowjob can be romantic; however, having your balls in my mouth is my special way of showing you how grateful I am for how much you indulge in me.

Your balls are the motor that I harness when I want to make you do things for me. Your cock is more like the steering wheel. I love them both! However, without enough fuel, the engine simply doesn’t run. (You don’t need to find the nearest Exxon station; you only need me.) Direct access to your balls from my tongue magically instructs the blood in your body to pump harder, eventually generating buckets of cum to form.

I want to make love to them, lather them up with saliva and rub them on my face. Then I will gingerly push them back in my mouth and begin to gently hum through my nose. The vibrations drive you absolutely wild with pleasure. Your body convulses, your head arches back, your eyes roll back into your head… and your magnificent cock, without so much as a fingertip touching it, explodes like a rocket into the air, your cum landing several feet away, coating everything in its path with long, frozen rope streams of your warm, white glaze.

You pant for air until you eventually regain full consciousness. When you come to, you realize that I’m lying sideways on the bed curled up next to you, my head resting on your shoulder. I see you’ve returned to Earth and plant a series of warm, wet kisses on your neck. “Welcome home, babe.”

Your mouth forms a huge grin, knowing full well that I’m referring to my sending you to Heaven. I’m a talented girl, and I know all your pleasure points. Your balls are just one of them (or two of them, really) that I can leverage at will. We hadn’t explored them in a while, hence my wanting to sink my lips into them this time.

I like mixing it up and loving you everywhere.

Call me when you’re ready for takeoff again.

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