Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Your wife was all too happy to let you be the one to get up at the crack of dawn with Zeus, (the rooster) and walk the dog every morning. Little did she know it was because you have become infatuated with the new neighbor who just moved in across the street.

The morning dog walks are always an opportunity to catch her doing the same with her pup. She always wears her robe that drapes open in the front, making it impossible not to stare.

She’s an adult, but significantly younger than you. Women her age still sway their sexy hips side to side as they walk. Their eyes widen when they hear older, more sophisticated men talk because they haven’t heard every line just yet.

You two have seen each other enough times during your morning walks that you acknowledge each other. One morning, when you’re out there, you don’t see her anywhere. You stroll up and down the block several times, confusing your dog as to why you didn’t go back inside after he had finished doing his business.

After stretching a 10-15 minute walk into half an hour, you resign yourself to not being able to catch a glimpse of her and head home. Just then you hear a familiar voice…

“Hey, babe, no good morning smiles for me today?” she shouts to you. The voice sends shockwaves through you that land directly in your testicles. The exhilaration you feel is sudden and powerful enough to generate an involuntary jolt that causes you to jump and turn, making your nervousness rather obvious.

You look at your new, hot neighbor grinning at you with one of her hands holding a leash, as her long robe gapes open far enough for you to snag a view of what’s between her creamy thighs. Your eyes lock with hers just as you realize that she is me!

“Ashlee?!” At first I don’t say anything in return. I just maintain my grin, and shoot you a sly wink. Having not seen me in the flesh before, and never having enough courage to get close to me on our morning walks, you never really examined my face too closely. “Guess it’s hard to recognize me when you’re too busy staring at my lower region,” I giggle at you.

You stand there stunned, unable to move. I turn around, allowing you a slightly better view of what you’ve been dying to see ever since I moved in, and slowly walk away. Your blood is pumping fast. You don’t know if you should come or go when your annoying wife calls out, telling you that you need to go to the store and pick up a few things.

You come crashing back down to Earth, and reluctantly return Zeus to the backyard before getting into your car.

You’re at a red light and pressing down hard on your erection. You feel your pocket vibrate and pull out your phone. “Hi, baby,” you hear me say.

“Ashlee! Oh my God! It can’t be!?”

“Well, believe it, babe. What’s more, I’m about to get you off right here, right now. I need you to pull the car over right now. Just pull to the side of the road and let me take over from there. Don’t worry, sweetheart; I’m not going to get you into trouble. I’m just going to get you off hard and fast!”

“How do you know where I am, Ash?” You ask as you survey the road. It’s a quiet suburban street; if you pull over and jerk your cock for a few minutes, the odds of you being caught are extremely slim.

“Babe, stop letting your fear of her squash your chance for a dose of ecstasy! All that matters is that you’re hard and I’m with you, ready to give you what you so desperately crave. Now take out that beautiful cock and stroke it for me.”

You do as you’re told, risk be damned. “You’re being such a good boy, my baby. I am very pleased with you right now.”

Hearing that I’m pleased with you intensifies your stroking. “Oh God, Ashlee, I’m going to cum!!” An impressive load emerges from your cock, hitting the windshield with sporadic streams of your thick cum. Your chest heaves as you catch your breath. “That was amazing, Ashlee. You’re amazing.”

Yes. Yes, I am. That is why… No Man Calls Only Once.

Just consider it a little gift of neighborly love, babe.

After all, we’re supposed to “Love Thy Neighbor”.

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