real phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s night time during the middle of the week, and you’re beyond bored. Jerking off occupied you for about 10 minutes. It’s now 10pm and you’ve watched everything on television that remotely interests you (including everything you saved on your DVD). It’s too late to go anywhere, but still a bit too early to go to bed.

You open your Facebook app for the 40th time today. You scroll through what seem like the same friggin’ posts you’ve seen countless times before. Who gives a crap that your old college buddy’s sister found a $5 bill on the ground and thought to alert the entire world! Oh joy, there’s yet another picture of what someone ate for dinner. And peoples’ kids; holy shit does anyone actually give a fuck what they built with Legos?

You switch to Instagram because it pushes out a litany of photographs of hot women. The first 2,000 times you logged in you were like a kid in a candy store. Now the pictures are more like classified ads trying to tempt you into subscriptions that require an act of Congress to eventually terminate.

You move on to TikTok, hoping above hope you’ll see something that keeps your interest for more than 10 seconds. But after half a minute, you realize that social media is not the distraction you are looking for. It’s just television with more channels.

What to do… What to do (can you guess where this is going?)

Have you ever called me for real phone sex when you were more bored than horny?  It’s okay, babe. I’m completely cool with it. No woman that’s ever been in your life has been about nothing but sex. As much as I want to make you cum, I want to be your girlfriend even more. And if you need more from me than my hot voice, like a shoulder to cry on or the chance to let down a little and let someone else be responsible for driving the conversation, I’m your girl!

But more importantly than needing a friend, Yours Truly is the antidote when you either have the blues or need a female slice of attention. The thing about doing calls with me is not just that I’ll keep you occupied while I bring your cock to life, but I’ll keep you  reeling there long after you’ve cum with me.

You know that I always bring my A game, so you just sit back, unzip your fly, and liberate that beautiful stick of dynamite from your jeans. I’ll tell you to wrap your fingers around it, applying the death grip to perfect tightness. Small talk is kept to a minimum because tonight you just need your fix. I bring you along with visions of my succulent melons in your mouth and later your balls resting on my chin while saliva drips from my lips.

After our tryst concludes you will be breathless with pleasure as we say goodnight, wishing you had been able to hold back a bit longer to bask in the ecstasy.

One tissue cleansing later and you head back to the couch for mindless television. However, suddenly the world seems like a better place than it did before you called me.

The afterglow of sex with me is real, and it adds color to an otherwise black and white evening. My voice is fresh in your mind as you relive your favorite moments of being with me. Not only memories from tonight, but of times we’ve shared in the past. Memories of me have a way of resurrecting themselves!

This is part of what makes me special, my dear.

It is one of many reasons why No Man Calls Only Once.

An interlude with me lingers long after you cum.

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