Let me give you the ultimate GFE experience 866-605-2544We’re sitting on a swinging bench in the park overlooking a large pond. My head is resting against your shoulder. It’s a quiet and beautifully romantic moment for us. I sit up and look at you with innocent eyes and ask if you’ll be my boyfriend. You don’t even need to respond with words. I can tell by the look on your face how thrilled you are to hear the question, and it melts me. My eyes gloss up, threatening to open up in tears, and a moment later we’re locked in an intense kiss, as passionate as a hard frozen rope stream of cum shooting out of your cock when I stroke it.

In the midst of our kissing, I reach over and begin massaging your crotch through your shorts. You know this is my favorite way to get things started, so you made sure to wear shorts for our outing today. I notice that the fabric feels less thick today, too, leading me to realize that you also decided to forgo wearing underpants this afternoon, (thank you babe). Because I’m pleased with you, I get your cock hard as granite in record time. I love it when I’m able to keep your erection behind fabric for as long as possible while I play with it.

When it comes to lap dances or dry humping, sex is simulated, but in some ways it can be even better than intercourse at times. The teasing is so intense and tortuous that I can bring you to the point of begging. Your cock feels incredible from the grinding of my ass cheeks as it taunts and teases you so mercilessly. The feeling of my ass as it is writhing against you is like an unspoken promise of our eventual fucking.

Imagine my straddling you while I’m clothed, teasing you like I mentioned above, and now compare it to a slow and methodical hand job. Is there even a comparison? I’ve always asserted that hand jobs are the very ultimate in sexual control over a man. Blood courses through your raging erection like a powerful machine, fueled by balls as heavy as boulders. I lube it up and apply my fingers to it and within seconds you’re under my spell, ready to surrender to me entirely.

Now think about a hand job in which I don’t use any lube. Perhaps you’re naked and have a flimsy sheet draped over your hard-on. I can grip it, stroke it, trace the ridge of your head with my fingertips, and… I can make you cum in spectacular fashion!

Now let’s return to us cuddling on the park bench.  My hand is tightly clenching your cock through your khaki shorts, which intrinsically excites you. Your clothing poses a bit of a challenge in terms of making you cum quickly, but I think I’m up to it (hee hee). I stroke with two hands, and I lock eyes with you, which greatly intensifies your reaction. My stare sends a shockwave of ecstasy through your body. I had just proposed to make our relationship formal and more official, by asking if I can be your girl.

This brings a long time fantasy of yours to reality. Making you cum in a public place, while you are fully clothed is my reward, and I definitely want my reward!  You take a glance to make sure that nobody is looking, and allow me to work my magic. Half of you wants to do nothing but enjoy my subtle touch; the other half of you wants to rip off your clothes so that my hands can feel the warm flesh of your shaft. But I don’t want that, and you want to give me what I indeed want.

We sit there on that bench, amorously experiencing one another. We’ll never forget this day, the day we became official, even if we have to keep the news to ourselves. If your stiff cock was out, the climax would happen inside of 30 seconds, but this way, I ensure it lasts longer.

Finally, I let you cum. It’s a long, fierce ejaculation that was worth the wait!

Let’s make what we have official, babe.

It’s time. It’s time for us.

It’s time to call…

It’s time to cum!

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