phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544You’re at work, trying to get some tasks completed on your To-Do-List. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but your supervisors do not seem to care about how much you have on your plate.

People who are higher in rank delegate to you with a sense of entitlement. People who are lower ranked do the same in the name of requesting help or explanation. No matter where it comes from, the buck grinds to a halt with you. When you examine an issue and think to yourself “What in the fuck am I supposed to do to solve this one?!”, you cannot turn to anyone else. It’s on you to find the energy to extinguish the fire.

You’re now at home. Dinner is not of the same caliber of quality that your boss demands of you, but you don’t dare complain to your wife who made it or she’ll punish you even worse than your manager. If you don’t like it, she’ll tell you that you can make it yourself, which would just add one more thing to your To-Do-List.

The list of things she gave you to handle over the weekend still lingers—Heaven forbid you take the time to unwind from your grueling week. There are bills to pay, screws to tighten, trash to take out, and errands to run. You can’t delegate any of it. You—and no one else—will have to find the energy to extinguish each and every one of these fires.

You’re finally in bed, your balls have been accumulating cum for days, and you need to release it! This is the one area where you really want to be able to lean on someone else for help. But your wife accuses you of being selfish because she’s not in the mood (again!). Nonetheless, when she’s in the mood, you’re expected to deliver for fear of hours upon hours of her holding it over your head.

You hint to her that you want sex. At first she ignores you, pretending she doesn’t pick up on what you’re doing. You graduate to being explicit, only to be met with a complete shutdown including accusatory undertones.

You once again conclude that it’s on you to find the energy to bring yourself to climax alone because she sure as shit is both uninspiring and unwilling.

I have the hottest female voice you’ve ever heard (including all of the other women in the phone sex industry). My tits and curves harden your cock with each blog and picture I post. My thighs are smooth and creamy. And my insights allow me to invade your mind through your cock.

But these are certainly not the only reasons why No Man Calls Only Once. Another reason is because when you call me, you get to transfer the work load (pun intended) to Yours Truly. It might be your hand that’s wrapped around your thick shaft, your arm moving up and down until you shoot a nice, big load up into the air, but it’s my energy flowing through your body.

No matter how sapped of energy you are, you can plug into me and I will ignite the fire within your aching balls! And that, my love, puts in motion a process that takes over your entire body.

Imagine my kisses climbing up from your knee to inside your leg, up your inner thigh. Your cock can sense my wet lips approaching and stiffens like a rock. By the time my mouth arrives it’s pulsating, beckoning me to take it deeply into my throat.

As it enters my mouth, my lips form a wet, tight seal. I begin to suck and you’re already close to exploding, when you feel my index finger penetrate your asshole. You lurch forward and moan aloud as your cock exhales a great white load.

I’m not here to simply edify you, babe. I’m here to stir what’s brewing in your balls, and to empty them!

It’s time to plug into me.

Let some of your heavy load fall all over me.

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