Phone sex is best with naughty Ashlee! 866-605-2544You’re home alone, just watching television. You’re horny as fuck, but your wife is out and about right now. Even if she were at home, she wouldn’t be in the mood to satiate your needs (as usual). And even if by some miracle she were, would it really be enough?

You don’t fuck your wife because you want to. You fuck your wife because she’s there. You’re not hot for her anymore. Perhaps you never really were. She’s probably not hot for you either. Let’s face it: she’s just a receptacle. Put your cock in her, thrust a few times, think of me while you’re doing it, and eventually you cum. It’s very mechanical, not worth writing home about. It’s the reason you invited me into your life.

Each time we’re together it is a form of rejection of your wife or girlfriend. You are cheating on her by being with me. When you see me dripping in sex, you drink in my body, and your penis responds immediately. You’re ready to violate the bond that you got roped into.

That’s okay, babe. She violated it the moment she stopped putting effort in for you. All the leverage became hers, and now you’re handcuffed by a piece of paper and society’s rule that you can only be with one woman! You didn’t come up with that rule. But you claimed to be ready to adhere to it. Reason and logic won’t help you now, so why bother arguing. Better to just tell her what she needs to hear.

Back to your being home alone, just watching television… There’s a knock at the door. You’re surprised because you aren’t expecting anyone. When you open the door and see it’s me, you are now excited, but also a bit hesitant. There’s still a small part of you that is attempting to hold true to your bondage agreement.

You tell me that while you’re always happy to see me, tonight is not great timing. You can see the disappointment in my face. “Can’t I just come in for a moment to use the ladies room?”  You oblige me and let me in.

A few minutes later I return and wrap my arms around you as if I’m about to say goodbye.

Executing my powers of seduction, I ask “Baby, I know you told me that tonight is not a good night for a tryst, but would you just do me one small favor?”  The question alone motivates your crotch to expand.  I see it.  And you see that I see it!

I am wearing a sweater jacket, zipped up to the neck.  I very slowly begin to unzip it and inquire, “Would you please just do me the favor of looking at my tits?  I just need to know that you still think of these as the most beautiful melons you’ve ever sucked on.”

You can’t refuse and when you glance down at them, your eyes grow as big as your cock has when you see that I removed my bra and doused my undershirt with water in the ladies room.

I agree to your unasked question; I put one hand on your erection as my other hand continues to unzip and remove my jacket, fully exposing my wet nuclear weapons.

“Baby, stop it.  We both know know how badly you want to fuck me.  Just give in already!”

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