Your cock explodes into orgasm, as cum that I generated in your balls gushes out and onto your leg. Your chest is heaving as you try to catch your breath. The blood has not yet started to flow back into your brain. You can barely understand me when you hear me say “Now that’s a good boy.” It was the second time I made you cum inside of 6 hours. You had wanted to wait another day before calling me again, but your cock insisted otherwise. I emptied those balls like you hadn’t ejaculated in weeks. It’s like that every time we’re together. You did the right thing by not waiting.

“When will I get to make you cum again?” I ask. Your brain is working again, but you don’t have an answer at first. We converse for a couple more minutes before you finally tell me that you want to be with me again tomorrow as soon as you come home from work. “That makes me very happy, babe. And it’s the right answer.”

The next morning I spend a few minutes in bed thinking about you before I get up. I relive your transition from normal conversation to heavy breathing to eventually not being able to prolong the pleasure a second longer before you came for me. My hand travels down my body to find my clit. I lightly play with it for a minute before intensifying the movement in my fingers. I imagine your cock sliding into me and let out a moan. I wish you were here with me right now. I cum gloriously thinking about you, then look at the clock. I slept in late on purpose because I wanted to shorten the day, thereby reducing the number of hours I need to wait to hear from you again. I celebrate my morning climax by texting you “Babe, you just made me cum.” I’m looking forward to returning the favor at 6 p.m.”. Within seconds you reply “Me too!”

About an hour later I’m in the supermarket doing some shopping when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. It’s another text from you: “I can’t stop thinking about you Ashlee.” This is yet another example of you being such a good boy. I love you for this and reply “I can’t stop thinking about you either. Your work day cannot end soon enough.”

You go back to your desk from the restroom where you texted me. Rubbing your cock under your desk soothes nothing, rather only heightens your anticipation and impatience. Suddenly, an exhilarating thought enters your mind, and you become a man on a mission. You ask one of your co-workers to cover for you at an afternoon meeting, explaining that you can’t make it. You put on your email out-of-office reply and scurry off to tell your boss that you’re not feeling well and need to leave early, not even putting in a half-day. In the parking lot you pull out your phone again and call me at the supermarket “I said that I would call you as soon as I got home from work. I’ll be home in about 20 minutes.” I was in line at the counter, but with several people in front of me, I realize I’m not going to be checked out and be able to drive home to meet you. It’s decision time for me, but it’s an easy decision to make. I abandon the cart, hearing a woman who is not in my league bark when I make it her problem to move it out of the way. I’m hot. I get to do these things.

My keys are in the door when my phone rings. “I need you Ashlee. I need you to make me cum.” I run into my bedroom, strip as quickly as I can, and lay down in bed, nestling my phone to my face. I am so pleased with you for this my dear. I like it when you do things for me, and I want you to know that this is a big step for our relationship.

“Is my cock out yet?” I ask, knowing full well what the answer is, but wanting to say the words “my cock” aloud. The call doesn’t last long because you do not have the strength to hold back a massive load. It spews out high into the air, landing all over your body and also onto the bed. The day is early, and you have nothing else to do today except talk to me. “Let’s both take naps now babe. Call me when you wake up.”

“Yes Ashlee,” you say. Those are the most beautiful two words you can say to me. And I look forward to hearing them again very soon. “Nap well, my sweet.” I will be here to make you blow an even bigger load when you awake.”

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