I love holiday weekends (or really any excuse to take a long weekend) and this past Labor Day weekend was definitely no exception. This year, I decided to spend the weekend visiting a friend in Utah. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the views were stunning to say the least. Looking out, I was taken aback by the way I could see the mountains in all directions. A full panorama of sienna scenery surrounded us. As my time there went on, I became more and more intrigued by what lay just beyond the city. So the day before I was to head home, I decided to do a bit of exploring.

For my expedition, I chose to venture to Provo Canyon on a mission to see Bridal Veil Falls. My friend dropped me off and even snapped a quick pic for me to share with you before I ventured off. The weather was warm and the sun was out in full force, making it a pretty intense hike into the canyon. While certainly brutal at times, overall I found the heat itself to be somewhat cathartic (almost sauna-like with the dry mountain air). My short shorts and light summer top were fortunately just airy enough to let a slight cool breeze kiss my skin and keep the heat from becoming too overwhelming. The scenery itself as I moved deeper into the canyon also served to take my mind off the strenuousness of the hike. As I moved further and further in, I felt a sense of awe washing over me at what nature had created here. However, none of it prepared me for the breathtaking beauty of the falls themselves.

As I arrived at the falls, there really were no words to sufficiently describe their magnificence. Set among the dusty baked canyons, almost like a mirage, the falls showered clear crisp water down the side of the mountain. I could immediately feel the cool breeze and slight spray in the air as I marveled at the glistening wonder. As I began tentatively exploring, I found that while there were numerous people in the main area, just across the bridge however, there didn’t seem to be a soul in sight. I had found a private little nook away from the tourists and cameras and decided this would be the perfect spot to cool myself off.

In my little nook, water that had traveled from the falls flowed below me along a shallow area. Dipping my toe in a bit, I felt the chill of the icy water and found the surface beneath to be fairly smooth. Slowly, I stripped down, sliding off my skimpy shorts and lifting my light top over my head. Glancing around, I noticed that still no one had come along and discovered my little nook. Thus, I decided a skinny dip would be both exhilarating and save me from having to hike back with wet undergarments. So I slid my panties down and stepped out of them before unhooking my bra and feeling the sun beat down upon my bare glistening breasts.

Fully undressed now, I then walked leisurely along the water line until I came to a large, slanted rock that continued down into the water. Gently, I laid back on it, feeling the heat of it seeping into my backside as I slid my lower body a little further down into the soothing water. The combination of the heated rock and cool water was instantly relaxing. As I lay there watching the falls, I began to regret not having brought someone with me to share this experience. That’s when my mind began to drift to you. Lying there, I thought back to our last call. As my thoughts meandered, I could hear your voice in my head almost as clearly as if you had been next to me. Thinking back over our last experience together, I found my hand had unconsciously wandered down between my thighs.

A shiver of excitement ran through me as I realized, here I was, completely nude in this glorious (and very public) place, masturbating where anyone could stumble upon me. As I closed my eyes and arched my back, I let my thoughts return to you as I continued to pleasure myself. I delicately circled my clit at first, letting it swell and plumpen between my fingers and then sliding my fingers down to into my tightness. Again and again, I alternated this way, imagining your mouth on me and then your engorged cock inside of me. It did not take long for these thoughts to push me over the edge.

In a fit of glory befitting my surroundings, I came almost convulsively in a rolling orgasm of epic proportions. As the last shudder of ecstasy washed over me, I found I could barely lift my arms. The waves of pleasure that had riddled my body left me nearly unconscious, in a state of equal parts exhaustion and erotic bliss. It was one of the most euphoric feelings that I’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps it was the heat or the exertion from my hike, but personally…

I think it was all you, babe.

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