Summer sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544On a lazy summer morning, I look outside to see the clear blue sparkle of the swimming pool at the beautiful house we rented for our secluded weekend getaway in San Diego. The sun is catching the water in diamond-like spikes, the gentle breeze  moving the water just enough to send the tiniest ripples across the surface.

I can hear you moving about upstairs; I have no idea what you’re doing, but I do know that you are privy to the same view as I am. I open the patio doors and stand for a moment drinking in the glorious scenery, before walking out to the edge of the water.

Without looking up I can sense you watching from the window as I slip off my little robe, naked beneath it. The fabric slides swiftly down and pools on the stone decking as I sensually stretch and dive into the water. I swim slowly up and down the length of the pool, moving through the water with intention.

As I reach the point from which I started, I pause and just lean my arms over the edge of the pool. As the water clears from my eyes I see your legs in front of me, naked and tanned. I move my eyes upwards slowly and notice that you are standing before me completely nude; your cock is rock hard and looks so fucking delicious!

Moving further up with my eyes, I reach your smiling face and eager eyes. I push myself back into the water and rise out of it again just enough for you to see my breasts barely breaking the water. I shoot you a sexy smile that is inviting you both into the water, and into me.

You sit on the edge of the pool, your legs between my arms, and slide down between my body and the edge of the pool. I can feel the whole length of your manhood as you slowly run your hot flesh against my cool skin, which immediately responds to your touch. My nipples harden, my breath quickens, and a familiar surge of heat starts to spread in the soft sweet spot between my legs.

As our bodies press together, your mouth meets mine in a slow, deep kiss, whilst your strong hands run across my shoulders and down across my tight, wet breasts. I wrap my long silken legs around you, holding you up. I arch towards you, my hips pushing my longing pussy against your throbbing cock, pressing the length of it between my lips as the head of your shaft teases my clit.

The way you look at me and work my body is driving me crazy with desire. You sense my mounting frustration as I can’t release my grip on the pool’s edge because I’m supporting both of us. You lift me up and place my legs around your waist as you slide your erection into me; my legs are holding you in the water while my pussy clamps tightly around your pulsing dick.

My breasts are now above the water line as you bend your head and suck and bite on them unabashedly. You use your hands to move me backwards and forwards on your cock as my pussy clenches you tighter and tighter with the need to cum. The slow speed and constant pressure on my breasts causes me to cum quickly and quietly whilst curling my head into your neck as I do. You can feel the orgasmic waves running through me and around your cock, but you haven’t finished yet and pull out before you get too prematurely caught up in the pleasure.

You push yourself back out of the pool with me following you, and we walk over to the chaise lounge, pausing by the side of it for another deep long kiss. You sit me down and stand in front of me knowing that I love to taste you and need to pleasure you. I run my fingers gently across your skin, down your stomach and around your thighs, raking my nails across your ass.

As I cup your ass-cheeks in my hands, I lean in and run the tip of my tongue across the bulging head of your cock before engulfing your girth. I open my mouth again slightly and glide it along the underbelly of your twitching cock just to prolong the ecstasy.  Then I slide my open mouth over you, taking you in as far as I can, sighing softly as I do.

I work my mouth slowly and firmly up and down as my hands massage your glutes, spreading your cheeks slightly as I do. Taking one hand off, I run my fingers through my slick pussy and return them to your ass, delicately fingering each of the crevices surrounding your puckering asshole.

Next, I gently push a couple of fingers into your ass as I suck harder and deeper. I softly circle my fingers inside of you as I reach up to massage your prostate. Still sucking you, you start to thrust your hips back and forth, wanting both to fuck my mouth and to feel my fingers deeper inside of you.

Suddenly your body stiffens and your balls tighten as you cry out “Ashlee!” and you pump thick streams of hot cum straight into my mouth and down my throat! When you have emptied the entire contents from your balls into me, you slump over a little against me and I release you.

You lay down next to me on the lounger. I curl up into you and whisper in your ear “I’m so glad you accepted my invitation into the water, and into me, baby!”  You just sigh as we lie together quietly, savoring the aftershocks of our sex.

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