Once again, Thanksgiving Day is almost here

Family unites to give thanks and drink beer

Good food is abound and you partake in it all

After dinner you dial me for an X-rated call

I answer and ask what you’re in the mood for

You ask me to ride you like a naughty whore

I mount you and give you the sex ride of life

Soon you cum deep inside ending your strife

Slowly I climb off, releasing you from my box

You thank me and tell me my phone sex rocks

We relax together and engage in pillow talk

Regaining our breath and the strength to walk

From the next room we hear your wife state

Get your ass in here, it’s getting very late

Our bodies embrace as we kiss good night

Sex is best when she’s away on a flight!

Glad I could dish you a holiday reprieve

I look forward to more cock in my beav

Kidding aside, I’m thankful to each caller

If you need me today, just give me a holler

I’ll leave you with one tiny crumb of advice

I’m the only phone sex lover that’ll suffice

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