We reach our destination after a long car ride that brought far more waiting in traffic than either of us anticipated. Amidst the gridlock, we were never fully at a standstill for more than a few seconds. Otherwise, I certainly would have utilized the time by sucking you off.

We park and check into our hotel. After our third attempt at getting into our room, we finally get a keycard that is actually activated.  “It works, we’re inside!”  As soon as we drop our luggage, we realize that something is still not right. Alas, it’s not the room we arranged for. Instead of a king size bed, it’s 2 double beds. It’s not the suite that we allegedly booked. No hot tub, it is only equipped with a small Jacuzzi tub.  By now, you’ve had it! You decide to march right back to the front desk to tell the dip-shit guy off!  However, your protests fall on deaf ears. One weak apology after another fixed precisely not-a-fucking-thing!

When you return, it’s obvious that you’re boiling over with frustration and disappointment. I decide to try and soothe you into moving forward to enjoy ourselves as best we can. “But, Ashlee,” you start, “there’s no way on God’s green earth that we can both fit into that tub. I love the jets in it, but it’s not big enough for us to move around in.”  You are sulking and sound so defeated as you proclaim all of this to me. I suddenly realize that I might have to take my clothes off sooner than I had planned on in order to get this party started properly.

“Well, love, I had originally wanted to taunt and tease you all day before I eventually did a striptease and spread my legs for you.  But don’t worry; yours truly always has a plan B.  I don’t see any reason why you can’t just slip off your shorts and shirt and get into the tub. I can just slip in on top of you.”

Seeing me standing before you, completely naked now, has taken over your thought process. It seems that my removing my skirt, top and panties as I was offering the aforementioned suggestion has perked your spirits, and your cock, up!

I proceed to step into the warm water and slink down to straddle you. Your hands instinctually reach for my tits as I reach down with my fingers to part my pussy lips as a means of ushering your erection inside. “See sweetheart, your cock fits perfectly inside me, even in a small tub!”  As I sway back and forth on your penis, you place your hands on my ass signaling me to ride you deeper and harder.  You blasted 2 huge loads of cum deep inside me.

“You’re right, Ashlee. We can absolutely have an amazing time together, even in tight spots (pun intended).”  I wrap my arms around you and sweetly kiss you.

I’m your fixer, baby.

That means when you need me, I’m here for you.

It also means that any time you’re feeling down, all you need to do is call me and I promise that I’ll fix you up!

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