Real phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544It always amazes me how we go from the most joyous time of year to the absolute busiest in the blink of an eye (or flip of a calendar page). Christmas season is fun and exciting, eventually culminating in a relaxing and festive few days.  We are with family and friends. We buy gifts, and eat too much delicious food. We decorate our homes and hope for whiteness outside (and inside when you and I are alone).

Then January breezes by, and February strikes! All of a sudden, all the things you punted because you just weren’t up for it are staring you in the face, without any further options to delay.

I’ve heard it said that New Years is the punishment for Christmas. Every man needs something to get him through the transition. That’s where I come in.

It’s been 2021 for a minute and you’re already looking forward to the next long weekend. Fear not, babe. I’m here for you. I want you to do something for me, for you, for us…

You’re going to be at work tomorrow and it’s going to be hectic. So, the next time someone wastes your time by asking you to attend a meeting that should really be condensed to a short email, I want you to stop for a moment. Take a deep breath (actually take the deep breath), and rest the palm of your hand gently on your cock.

Don’t grab it; just rest it there. Now take another deep breath. Think of me as you’re doing this (of course). Think of my big, succulent melons pressing up against your face. Remember how good I make your cock feel every time you hear my voice.

If you do this—and I don’t mean in a half-assed sort of way—then I promise you that within moments, as your cock is hardening into lead, you will find yourself calmer and more able to take on the day. The hours won’t fly by, but you will be comforted all day knowing you have me to come home to, and that I’m going to make you cum gloriously!

You can even shoot me an email and plant a few seeds about what you want to talk about later. I like the thought of you in a meeting, with your focus divided between work and yours truly. A question comes your way, but you seem to be ignoring it. You hear your name aloud, awakening you from your decadent daydream of me on my knees, situated between your legs. The question intruded on your fantasy, making you all the more eager to return to it. To get to a place where you don’t need to be concerned about someone else’s priorities getting in the way. You want to focus on me.

And when you do finally get home and can give yourself completely to me, what shall we do? I can think of a few things. Let’s return to me on my knees, shall we?  You’re sitting there, fully clothed while I’m fully exposed, my tits bouncing as I move. I reach for your belt buckle and pull it open.

You enjoy watching me slowly unzip your pants, and then reach for the sides so I can pull them off. You hoist yourself up to allow them to come off. With your pants around your ankles, I massage your stiff, pulsating erection through your underwear.

You let out a loud moan that begs me to meet skin with skin. Don’t worry, baby. We’ll do even better than that. But I tease you a while longer first. You fidget in your chair, wishing upon all that you regard as holy that I’d just get to it!

Finally I pull out a pair of scissors. Slowly, gently, methodically, I cut through the fabric of your boxer briefs. At last your raging hard cock is liberated and staring straight at me with its one eager eye. I give it a quick wet kiss and tell you to close your eyes.

Instead of languidly making love to the head with my mouth, I engulf your cock, taking the entirety of your meaty muscle down into my throat. You instinctively place your hands atop my head so you can control my pace.

My lips form a wet seal at the base of your cock as the sides of my mouth vacuum your shaft. You’re in utter ecstasy as your whole body pulls back.

You grasp the back of my head a little harder as you shoot out a huge stream of cum.  You’re breathing heavy when you see me smiling at you, cum still drizzling from my lips onto my chin.

Feel relaxed now, love?

I love being your personal Calm App.

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