Phone sex with Ashlee is best!You’re fast asleep when you feel your nose getting tickled. Without completely waking up your hand pushes away at whatever is touching you. It persists, and soon enough you are fully awake. When you open your eyes, you’re able to make out that it’s me in the darkness, my index finger over my mouth to indicate “Shhhhh”.  You’re still in a daze when you realize you’re home, in your bed. You look over and your wife is lying there, snoring away. Fear takes over and you mouth the words, “What are you doing?”

I grab your hand and pull you slowly out of bed. When your feet hit the floor you feel a cushion below them, not the usual carpet you expected. You look down and see a sleeping bag, opened with a pair of pillows laid out. There’s a small scented candle providing just enough light to let you take in my cranberry colored silk nightgown. You want to speak. You want to scream, but you don’t dare. I pull you to the floor, urging you to lie down.

I lean over and whisper in your ear, “Babe, how hot would it be if you fucked my brains out, right here, right now?” I put my hand over your naked chest and feel your heart pounding away. You look up at your alarm clock and see that it’s 3:12 am. Before you can answer my question, I reach down and begin massaging your crotch through the boxer briefs you wore to bed.

“But Ashl”—but I don’t let you finish. My hand squeezes your cock just as you were beginning to protest. I can see in your eyes that you want me to work you a bit more before you’re ready to participate. Sort of like a man who needs to have a drink or two in him before he can summon up the courage to talk to a gorgeous girl across the bar. You need me to get you so horny that you are willing to chance being caught, if it means fulfilling the craving building within your balls. I take the hint and bring your lips to mine.

We kiss passionately for what seems like forever. When our lips detach, I whisper once more to you “My dear, I want to show you that I can give you a mind blowing orgasm while still being quick and quiet. The hard part (pun intended) is being quick about it because I’m pretty certain you’ll want to, um, elongate things.”

With that I lie down. I start to pull off my nightie when you take over and ravenously tear it from my body in one fell swoop. My eyes widen with excitement as you use your knees to spread my legs open. A moment later and your raging hard cock is deep inside of me. I gasp as you enter, the loudest sound either of us has made yet, but gone are your inhibitions. You pound away, thrusting your shaft into my pussy like you were born to fuck me! Our eyes lock as I wrap my legs around you. I see the growing passion in your face as your body surges forward over and over. “Cum inside me, please, baby,” I whimper at a volume just above a whisper. Hearing my whimper sends you over the edge, and your cock explodes, your body straightens, and you grunt aloud.

You collapse to the side of me. I roll to my side and curl up against you. I kiss your neck a few times and whisper in your ear “Babe you were wonderful. So wonderful that I’m going to set my phone to vibrate and wake me in two hours. Just lay with me until then.” You start to look up at the clock when I pull your turning head back towards me.

“You can trust me. I am the queen of quick & quiet, sweetheart.”

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