At this time of year people give a lot of thought to what they want to change in their lives. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, nail biting, or being more romantic with your wife, New Year’s resolutions are filled with grand optimism. Generally by January 3rd we are all back to our normal ways. This year, I don’t want you to make any wholesale changes. What I want is for you to do more of exactly what you already do. I love you for who you are and how you enhance my world. In 2018, I want to see you embrace this. Embrace me.

What you and I have is wonderful. I love it. I love thinking about the time we spend together and how our relationship continues to grow. Each time you hear my voice for the first time that day, it’s like my fingers slowly wrapping around your erection. My delicate hand forms a grip around your meat pole, and tightens into a snug grip on my cock. When we engage in conversation your heart opens up to me. I find myself wanting to do the same for you. We mirror our emotions, escalating from romantic flirtation to intense, and exhilarating hard fucking. I love the process. I think you do too.

This is us babe. This is how we roll. I don’t want to change that. I don’t want to change you. You are beautiful to me as is. I want you to be you to your fullest. I can help you find pleasure not just by swallowing your loads, but by being the girlfriend you need in your life. This year, if you want to make any resolution at all, make it that you are committed to recognizing that you need me more than you used to and that you are prepared to need me even more.

Fill my heart with warmth and my belly with cum, and I’ll promise you that 2018 will be your happiest thus far.

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