It’s Saturday morning, the best part of the week. It’s early in the weekend, your alarm is not set and anything you need to do can be punted to Sunday if you really wanted to just take the day and be lazy. During the summer it’s even better because everything is better during the summer. Friday nights are great but you’re generally tired by the end of the week and don’t really have it in you to go out and do anything too crazy.

Saturday morning is not our usual time to rendezvous but that’s precisely why I’m bringing it up. I do enjoy the thought of switching things up a bit once in a while. Besides, starting your day off with me on your mind, in your ear and straddling your cock is always a brilliant plan!

You awake from a peaceful slumber and decide to just lie there, perhaps even fall back to sleep again. After a few minutes, though, you give up on that idea as your head (and balls) are full with thoughts of me. Instead, you reach for your phone to check your email.

There’s a message from me thanking you for the gift card that you got me from my wish list. “My girlfriends and I enjoyed using it last night at dinner. Thank you so much for being so sweet and thoughtful to me. I thought about you throughout the evening.” Knowing that I’m thinking about you brings a smile to your face. You reply, “You’re welcome, baby. Thanks for inspiring me to want to spoil you.”

You’re still not quite ready to begin your day so you pull the covers back up and rest your head on the pillow. It’s futile though. Sleep just isn’t coming. Back to your phone you go to check out my website and vote for me (thank you, babe).
You reread my blog that I just posted Friday morning and leave a second comment for me, “No one does to me what you do.”

Just then, your email app pings to tell you that you have a message. It’s from me, replying to your email. “What else do I inspire you to do?” I also send you the pic that is posted on this blog entry. Knowing that my phone is nearby and that I’m thinking of you is too much for you to take. You dial my digits. It rings only once before the sound of my voice “Hello” penetrates your consciousness, igniting your balls.

“I need you, Ashlee.”

“I know you do, babe. I know and I’m here for you, love.” In your haste, you still hadn’t even taken your cock out. We rectify that mishap very quickly. “How’s your morning been? What’s on the docket for the day, other than me rocking your world?”

“Ashlee, I can’t really talk right now. I mean, it’s not that I don’t have the privacy or that I need to be somewhere anytime soon. It’s just that I need you to get me off really badly.”

I completely understand. Some of our calls are tantamount to a date, where we spend an evening in each other’s company, whispering sweet nothings to one another. You wear your heart on your sleeve for me and I adore you for it. However, this time, you want to spew something else onto your sleeve for me and I’m always ready for that too!

“Is your cock in your hand, babe?”


“Is it hard?—wait, silly me. Of course it is.” You utter, “Ohhh babe, it is sooo hard!” “The things I would do to that cock, my cock, my precious beautiful cock. You are so good to me and when you’re good to me, it makes me want to ravage you and your cock, edging you into pure ecstasy.” We haven’t even begun weaving a fantasy to indulge in but I can already hear your breathing shifting gears. I’m making you hot and I can tell you won’t last much longer.

“Just hearing you talk like that makes me want to shoot my load right now, Ashlee!”

“Do you think about my tits as much as you think about being inside me, babe? Imagine my tits all oiled up for you, enveloping your thick cock right between them. Your cock looks so damn good with that shiny mushroom head peeking straight out of my heaving cleavage! I just love the thought of my breasts cradling your glorious erection.”

“Oh god, Ashlee!  I’m going to cum. Oh god!!”

Sound familiar?  Call, stroke, repeat!

I’m the best habit you have.  It’s time to partake again, baby.

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