Discreet phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544 A Continuance of: Building New Traditions Together 5/22

After I seduced you into sucking on my tits for a while I was primed for much more. Your hands rubbing my legs, squeezing my ass, and milking my tits was enough to make you ravenous. I reach down for your crotch (if you recall, you were seated in the kitchen against the sink while I cut off all your hair) and grab it gently. I fondle your hard-on through your sweat pants until you can no longer comfortably sit. When you stand up I squeeze it hard and give it a few strokes. “Ashlee, I need you.”

“Are you ready to be good? No more of this loyal-to-your-wife crap?” You acknowledge that I had broken you down and you need to fuck me. “Okay,” I reply, “but give me a little while to get ready. I’d like to take a shower and try on some of your wife’s jewelry.” I love the idea of wearing her precious, most sentimental pieces while you’re inside me.

I take my time in the shower, knowing that the waiting is taunting you unmercifully. I encouraged you not to touch your cock while I’m getting ready to ensure that you won’t cum too quickly once I put my mouth on it. I love rubbing my luscious breasts in the shower, pretending that my hands are actually your hands. I’m so looking forward to riding you.

After stepping out of the shower, I help myself to your wife’s Chanel body cream. I coat my entire body with it, languidly rubbing it in to every crevice of my skin. I enter your bedroom, donning your wife’s luxurious silk robe. I am in shock! You aren’t lying in bed, rather you’re not there at all. I head downstairs and overhear you on the phone.

You have a concerned look on your face. That concern quickly turns to shock when you turn towards me and witness my curves filling out your wife’s robe in the most breathtakingly beautiful way. You pause long enough to drink in my sex.

Snapping back to reality, you rush off the phone and say “Ashlee, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. You are so gorgeous and incredible and hot and beautiful and so many things, but that was my wife. She called because she misses me and I miss her too. I’m sorry, but I need to be loyal to her.”

My knee jerk reaction was anger, but I am able to stifle it and instead, I tell you that I understand. You try to cheer me up, but after hearing your words I became hurt. I was so looking forward to being with you. We agree that I can stay the night as long as it’s in the guest bedroom. We say goodnight even though I can clearly see that your bulge is not ready to sleep. In this moment, I feel a bit despondent.

An hour later I peek into your bedroom and your breathing tells me that you are asleep. I crawl under the covers next to you and cuddle up tight, with my body forming the outer layer of the spoon position. You awaken a bit startled, but the warmth of my body and the contour of my curves pressing up against you feel so incredible that you cannot retain the will to resist me any longer.

I reach down to your cock and stoke it to attention. You feel so good in my hand and I love how responsive you are to my touch! “You are quite a persistent woman, Ashlee.” You roll over to face me and then the real fun begins…

We passionately kiss as I steadily stroke your cock. My knowing hand knows no boundaries where your pleasure is concerned. As I continue to milk you, you become as hard as concrete! I tell you to get on top of me, insisting that I need to wrap my legs around you while you make love to me.

You get on top of me and our mouths connect again. Your raging erection is pulsing in my hand causing my pussy to literally ache with need. I rub the huge head of your cock against my swollen lips as I reach back to give your heavy balls a firm, but welcoming squeeze. You gasp as I hold your testicles in the palm of my hand (where they belong).

With an inch of your cock inside of me, I thrust my hips up, causing your shaft to penetrate me. You let out a moan, and push my hips back down to the bed while remaining inside of me as we fall down together. Your cock is in sheer ecstasy and any shred of will power you may have felt earlier has been banished by your desire for me. As we make love passionately, I whisper in your ear, “Cum inside of me, baby.”

“But, but…”

“No buts. I want your seed inside of me. Fill me up, babe.” Our eyes lock as you attempt to hold back the storm of cum that’s about to surge from your balls. “Cum for me, baby. Fill me up.” Hearing that sends you over the edge as your cock unleashes a thick stream of pearly white goodness deep inside of me.

You’ve asked me before what I’m into…

I’m into us.

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