Have you ever actually had your cock satiated by a woman who really enjoys sucking cock? I’m not talking about some girl who was really into you and blew you half-heartedly just to appease you. I mean by a woman who was passionate about it and truly derived as much pleasure – or even more from it than you did. Unfortunately, most women find it less than appealing (some even revolting). There are, however, a very select few, like myself, that savor every moment as much as you do.

I enjoy everything about your cock. The mere visual of it causes my nipples to tighten and fills me with a flush of desire. There is nothing more arousing than seeing you with that glazy look in your eyes. I just melt when I see you like that babe. Because that look combined with your pulsing cock tells me that you are in desperate need of having your cock taken care of. Something about knowing that your rigid cock will be entering my mouth (or any other part of my body) at any second floods my pussy with juicy wetness and fierce longing!

One of the things I find so sexy is that gasp from you when my eager tongue goes from tracing to enveloping you completely in my warm mouth. I love the unveiled intimacy we share when I’m surrounding your cock with wet heat. My tongue massages the underbelly across your shaft and then curls firmly against the rim. I can’t help but softly moan with my lips wrapped tightly around you while you are clenching your fingers in my hair.

I love feeling you that way in my mouth, hard and throbbing filled with primal need, as I delicately cradle your heavy balls in my soft hand. I roll them gently while my fingers play a pleasurable melody of sensation against them, before sliding my tongue down to trace their seam and then pushing them into my wanting mouth. There is no inch of you that I would leave untouched by my lips, no space left unexplored by my mouth. I long to devour you as desperately as you wish to be devoured…until we both reach that pinnacle of climax that leaves your balls blissfully drained and my mouth full of all that I crave.

Call me now, and let’s satisfy both our cravings.

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