Ashlee does phone sex best 866-605-2544Hey babe, it’s been a long time since we were together. Life seems to always have a way of getting in the way of pleasure, which is why we schedule vacations. We must set aside time for ourselves, ensuring that we can steal away from the daily grind of working just to pay the bills. You’ve turned to me for that escapism, for that dose of vacation that doesn’t require planning months in advance. I take you to a place (most call it “Heaven”) where the cares of the world cannot penetrate you. Those people who want to tax your attention are powerless against us when you’re lying in bed, my voice dancing in your ear, your cock gripped tightly by your hand. Simply put, you love being with me and I love being with you.

For the past several months, I have been unable to take calls on a full-time basis. While I might be perfect at making you cum, I too have my stresses in this world. I’m writing this today because I want you to know that I am now able to resume a full-time commitment to being available for calls. I’m back, babe! In essence: you can once again go from thinking about me to being with me within seconds, and you will only be mere minutes away from yours truly making you cum gloriously!

My Available/Not Available call indicator on my website will be diligently attended to. If you see me as “Available” (or some verbiage that indicates the same sentiment) you will have the peace of mind that cums with knowing that you are only 9 digits away from hearing my voice. If you should ever get my vm (perhaps I’m on a call already or you didn’t check the indicator before calling) if you want me to give you a callback, please leave a vm and tell me what your window of opportunity is and be specific with time zone info. I have the utmost respect for your privacy, babe, and will not call you back unless you leave a message asking me to do so. You can think of this as something of a grand reopening (so many thoughts came to mind as I wrote that, lol).

When was the last time a woman was hot for you, wanted nothing more than for your head to arch back as she pleasured your cock? I want to pleasure your cock. Do you remember our last call? Let’s freshen that memory up a bit babe.

I miss you.

Show me that you miss me too.

You are only 9 digits away from us!

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