private one on one phone sex with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544I tug at the top of my bra, right in the middle to give you a peek of my ample cleavage. When I pull the fabric down, I reveal even more of my breasts. The bulge in your pants grows thicker and harder. I glance down to look at it, and enjoy making direct eye contact with you afterwards. You’re very much under my spell. There are so many things I can think of to do with you right now.

I can feel the tightness surrounding my hard nipples, and decide that they need some attention first and foremost. With my boobs only inches from your face, I lower my bra and expose my left breast to you. I lock eyes with you, silently informing you that I need your mouth to take in my tits. I need you to suck on them both because you know it brings me insane pleasure, and because it’s a prelude of what’s to cum later.

You moisten your lips by running your tongue along them, and then open your mouth nice and wide. Moments later you feel my supple breast meet your tongue. Your eager lips close onto my taut nipple as you begin suckling me. I cradle the back of your head, rubbing my index finger through your hair. You love the way I taste and feel. Seconds become minutes before I gently pull your head back. I look once again into your hungry eyes. I’m so very pleased with you right now. “Suck the other one now, babe,” I say in a sweet, soothing tone.

You drink from my right breast for a while now. Ecstasy washes over me when it’s just you and me alone like this. It’s like we are on our own little erotic vacation from reality. I’ve always strived to take you away to a place where you can totally let down. I gently nudge the back of your head to get your attention. “It’s my turn, baby. I want to pleasure you now.”

I direct you to the bed where you lie stretched out on your back. Your head is propped up on a pillow. I climb on top of you, watching you ogle my tits and their slight jiggle as I get into position. It warms my heart to know that I’m able to give you the gift of my voluptuous body.

I straddle your crotch and press my weight against your erection. I firmly assert it flat between my soft pussy lips and your body. Your balls ache with desire knowing that soon your cock will be inside of me. I slowly bounce back and forth, never breaking your stare. Finally, you utter “Ashlee, I need you.”

“How much do you need me?” I ask, coyly. “Is it just a smidge or a lot?”

“More than anything, I’m all yours, Ashlee.” Upon hearing your reply, I lift myself up and slip my pussy down onto your raging hard-on. You enter me like a hot knife going through butter. You’re slow and deliberate with your thrusts but you quickly move from being slow and easy to fucking me with carnal lust.

I arch my back and raise my tits to the heavens as I glide back and forth on my cock. Not even a minute later, I hear…“Oh god, Ashlee! Oh, god! Oh, go—!” as your hot cum shoots into my pussy. Feeling you tense up and seeing you bite down on your bottom lip sends me reeling into orgasm with you!

I collapse on top of you before rolling over next to you and drape my sticky leg over yours. I gingerly flutter my fingernails across your chest. “You were incredible, babe. You always are. We always are.”  You reiterate my sentiments by squeezing my hand softly.

We both close our eyes and drift into a deep and peaceful slumber.

“I’ll meet you in your dreams, handsome.”

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