phone sex Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s a beautiful late summer evening; the breeze is gently hitting us with soothing warm air. I’m slightly tipsy from the two cocktails you ordered me. As our entrees arrive, there’s a jazzy little number humming in the background at the perfect volume, and it truly seems like we couldn’t ask for anything more. Romance is in the air, you and I are together, and no one we care about knows where we are. This is what life should be like every day, shouldn’t it?

“I know you’ve been thinking about it, babe,” I say as I smile and take another sip of my pretty Pink Passion. You admit that it’s on your mind. “I promised you that if you swept me off my feet tonight, I’d grant you one totally selfish sexual favor. It would be all about you, with my getting off being an afterthought (though never completely forgotten, if you know what I mean).”

“I think I know what sexual favor you want from me, but sometimes you do surprise me.” I let out a soft moan as various erotic encounters enter my mind. Like the thought of being bent over a balcony, hands bound behind my back, while you are railing me from behind. I also find it very hot when we role-play Cops & Robbers, or any number of other naughty role play scenarios. “Come on, handsome. What would you like for dessert tonight? Me riding you reverse cowgirl? Perhaps a massage that ends with the happiest ending?”

“No, Ashlee. I want something else this time.” You explain that you want to feel close to me, to look into my eyes and know that we are in complete synchronization. “I am powerless before you, Ashlee, and when you’ve got me moments away from exploding, I fall hypnotized into being your property. You could do anything to me in those moments; ask me for anything.”

I sit there beside you, admittedly a bit stunned and even a tad touched. “Well, I thank you for admitting your weakness, passion, and subordination to me. You are indeed a good boy, my darling. Your obedience has left me feeling extra generous tonight. Therefore, I’m going to grant you an additional sexual favor of your choice. There must be something else that you desire, love. Please, do tell…”

“Ashlee, what I would like is for you to make my cock gush so hard I can’t see straight, my legs stiffen, and my toes kink and curl up! I want you to entrance me with your extravagance and evocative talent. Do with me as you will, Ashlee.”

At that point, I reach my hand beneath the table and find your erection struggling against your pants. “Mmmm…I can feel your engorged cock pulsating as I press my fingers on it, pushing it into your leg.”

“I bet I can make you cum right here and now just by rubbing your cock the right way (my way) for another 30 seconds.”

“I bet you’re right, Ash,” you eagerly respond. A cunning look washes over my eyes as I massage your throbbing power stick beneath the dining table. Moments later, I improvise and use the long linen tablecloth draped down underneath us to clean you up. (What a tragic waste of cum!)

We lock eyes, and I lean in to your ear and whisper “Catch your breath, baby, because there’s a lot more where that came from!”

What selfish sexual favor do you desire?

Call me: 866-605-2544

I’ll make a believer out of you, too!

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